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Run Harder, Run Protected

Athletes work hard by training hard on a daily basis and sometimes those heavy workouts just carry a toll on your body. Joints and muscles start to rub against each other, back starts to ache—physically, you’re just getting exhausted. Pro-athletes have the mental power to step past that block of pain, but the danger lies when you don’t take the proper precaution to care for your body and not make your injuries worse than they are. That’s where LP Support comes into play, to protect you while you train and to keep you lasting longer without causing or worsening injuries in your body.



American conglomerate, La Pointique Int’l Ltd is a world leader in the production of technical protective and rehabilitative wearables under the brand known to us as LP Support. Offering a comprehensive spectrum of innovative and high-performance sports medicine products and accessories, featuring products like supports, brace, and guards, LP is recognized and well received by sports medicine professionals in over 50 countries, and has become the most widely used and recommended brand of support, brace, and guard in the world today, since its inception.

Earning its place as the industry leader in the sports medicine category and in technical protective wear by placing emphasis and focus on sports science and real world testing and research to meet the requirements of the most demanding athletic activities and workout regiments, LP Support’s Research and Development team combines medical theories with practical real-life applications. R&D is synergized by a strategic alliance of physical therapists and medical consultants to be merged with medical research and input from athletes and fitness enthusiasts which provide invaluable insights that contribute to the design and manufacturing of technically advanced products for injury prevention, treatment and performance enhancement to athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Extensive research, innovative design, and their passion for comprehensive protection led to the creation of pioneering proprietary technology LP’s CoolPreneTM material, as well as the introduction of MaxWrapTM that revolutionized the concept of taping.



The LP continuum comprises of multiple series of technologies and innovations. For a line of compression with an integrated sports biomechanical system, the EmbioZ enhances performance and pushes the athlete’s limits.

Among which are the X-Tremus that is a specially knitted fabric engineered to act as joint support and performance enhancers and the Extreme series that comprise limb guards and braces made with the ground-breaking and patented CoolPrene™ heat-dissipation technology for dynamic protection and comfort. On the other hand, their LP Band is a resistance band with multiple applications for training strength, endurance, balance, coordination and core muscles.

Their full range doesn’t stop there with LP Support producing Maxtaping, Maxtaping A+, and MAXWRAP, which is unique patented kinesiology taping system designed to lift skin to improve circulation and accelerate tissue healing as well as protecting and gently massaging damaged muscles and adjacent soft tissues. For highly specific and functional inserts that will cushion and support the user’s foundation, LP’s Footcare & Insole aims not to only improve performance through balance and coordination, but also through easing foot pains and discomfort.

Whether you’re into running, badminton, soccer, volleyball, hiking, biking, baseball, golf, basketball and tennis, among others, LP Support covers all the bases, including orthopaedic applications and uses.

LP Product for Body & Sports Protection

Neck Support
Back Support
Shoulder Support
Waist Support
Lumbar Support
Waist Trimmer
Waist Belt
Resistance Bands
Posture Support
Elbow Support
Elbow Wrap
Wrist Support
Wrist & Thumb Support
Palm Brace
Finger Support
Thigh Support
Knee Stabilizer
Knee Support
Ankle Support
Shin Support
Foot Care & Insoles
Achillescare Liners

LP EmbioZ was a concept series developed to help professional athletes and sports enthusiasts overcome limits and prolong the duration of exercise while achieving peak performance by integrating sports biomechanics, kinesiology and injury analyses with ergonomic technology. The EmbioZ series invigorates athletes to unlock unlimited potential athletic performance during training and competition.