Asics Unveils their Performance Mastered Metarun


12 November 2015, Kobe, Japan — Japanese conglomerate Asics has raised their game once again with the release of their latest runners, the MetaRun. Built using the latest Asics exclusive footwear technologies, the MetaRun is to be put among the best long-distance running shoes in the history of Asics.

What places the MetaRun ahead of the competition is the combination of the components that give runners unbelievable comfort and durability for the long distance. Packed with four patents and five new groundbreaking technologies, MetaRun will provide distance runners of all levels everything they need to perform at their best from kick-off to the end—all in one shoe.

Setting a new benchmark for Asics, this shoe incorporates Asics’ lightest midsole, provides stability that kicks in when needed, has a glove-like fit, and cushioning that absorbs every impact to deliver an unparalleled ride from the first stride to the last.

With only 60,000 pairs available worldwide, this limited edition shoe will let runners step into an exclusive opportunity to experience Asics’ revolutionary footwear technologies and stay ahead of their game.

The limited pairs of MetaRun are exclusively available at Asics 1 Utama (1 Utama Shopping Centre, 5302, Second Floor) starting December 2015 for RM999 each pair.