Take It for a Spin – Samsung Gear S2 reinvents the look and feel of round on your wrist.


All it takes is an easy spin to take charge of your game. The Samsung Gear S2 learns from the old successes and failures of the earlier Samsung wearables and brings the past, present and future on your wrist with a twist.

Running Malaysia gives the Gear S2’s brilliant bezel a spin (and more) in our little adventure around the Sin City of the East, Macau for the 2015 Macau International Marathon.


Before you spin around the bezel to get this gear into action, you’ve got some setup work to do. First, get it paired with a smartphone that runs on Android 4.4 and higher with over 1.5gb RAM. Check for the list of compatible Android smartphones on the Samsung website. To do this, you need the Gear Manager app, which you can get through the Galaxy Apps store. Once installed, pair them, and on the Manage notifications menu, pick which apps from your phone you want to see over on your Gear S2. Spend a little time in the settings to learn what else you can fiddle with.


Every turn felt like a revelation—a different interface, a different action. With this smartwatch, spin is the new round. Rotate the bezel and you get to the other functions: left (notifications), right (apps). Or touch the screen! There are also two buttons on the side: the ‘home’ button gets you to the wheel of app icons, the other serves as a ‘back’ button. All the twisting and tapping might take you a little getting used to, but it’s all worth it.

Samsung Gear S2 promises to give a new spin on smartwatches, and in many ways, it does.


The details make all the difference. While it sits slim on the wrist with its clean and futuristic face, Gear S2 is more than just looks. With the magic of Bezel, you could scroll through long emails, zoom into a map and control your music playing on your mobile device.

Within our Team Reebok Malaysia, we would be comparing step counts and activity, as this fitness watch is automatically always working. The pedometer is pretty accurate, too, alongside the heart rate tracking that does so continuously. The timely motivational messages are sure to put a smile on your face. Keep it up!


It’s hard to put the watch down. With its own collection of pre-installed apps, you’re good to go. You got your email, messages, stopwatch and alarm clock, among others. You may also get Twitter Trends, ESPN, Nike+ Running, Line, Flipboard, Yelp for Gear and Here Maps for navigation, among other useful apps—and those mini games! While it doesn’t have enough of those killer apps of your choice, Gear S2’s portfolio is still growing.

Samsung Gear S2 @ 2015 Macau International Marathon.

Since Samsung entered the smartwatch game, their several attempts didn’t quite nail it, until the arrival of this watch that prompts fresh innovative effort in the realm of Android watches.

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