Running Across Limits


Pushing the bounds may sound like an understatement…

Time and time again, we are constantly amazed by inspiring runners who tell their tales about how they completed various running events. From fun runs to ultramarathons, road runs to trail runs, what leaves us in awe about these athletes is their ability to endure such long distances, getting past the screams of their ankles, shins, calves and knees.

Our ears perked up when stories of extreme adventures began to roll out. Two talented runners with the capacity to put mind over matter and undertake runs of extreme lengths shared with us their quest for speed and ultra mileage and how they want to impart the joys and discoveries from these endurance challenges to other runners.

These hardcore runners bring the definition of “long” to a whole new level, showing us the true meaning of challenge by taking on runs that span ultra distances from 84km to 100km—and more! It truly is a test of how much one’s body can handle when you are running for hours and knowing there’s still a great distance to go.


Endurance Nature Walks The Talk

Knowing the booming number of people looking to unleash their inner superman/woman by taking on the 100km trail run challenge, it became obvious that there was a need for an event organizer to specifically tend to this growing obsession. Here comes Endurance Nature Sdn Bhd, the answered prayer of all who live for the long-distance races.

Source: Endurance Nature

Founded by three of Malaysia’s leading ultramarathon runners in 2014, Endurance Nature walked into the scene with the objective of creating a world class running platform in Malaysia that is vibrant, influential and participatory for both domestic and international running communities. These founders are no stranger to hard work and discipline when it comes to running extreme lengths. The 53-year-old Ng Seow Kong is a chief financial officer by profession and has been running for 35 years. With an astonishing 110 completed marathons, 40 being ultramarathons, across 40 countries and 80 cities, the veteran runner is the first Malaysian to have run in all 7 continents and the North Pole! His partner in crime is the 40-year-old sea products distributor, Allan Lee, who has 7 years of running experience. He has completed 20 marathons, 10 being ultramarathon events, and he’s also a local Top 10 triathlete and Ironman in his age group. This decorated runner is one with many awards under his belt from only his few years in the running scene. Lastly is Cally Ng, a 40-year-old runner with 5 years of running and mountain biking experience.

Before the company was formed, Allan and his friends started out with just organizing long-distance races without the banner, just to test the waters. With Ng Seow Kong’s return to Malaysia, another brilliant addition to the team, Endurance Nature ultimately kicked off in May 2014, with the combination of Ng’s experience in the corporate field and Allan’s years in business.

Endurance Nature was established with the objective of organizing running events across Malaysia whereby international participation is actively promoted. More than just promoting and educating the Malaysian running community on running for both trails and road, the heads of Endurance Nature use their experiences to coach newcomers and athletes, both online and offline, as well as hosting training camps on running. In order to expand the community of long-distance runners, Endurance Nature also reaches out to the public by conducting sports seminars, educational and motivational dialogues to schools and colleges, corporate companies and other interested organizations.

Source: Endurance Nature

Organizing An Ultra

Their first project was the Coast to Coast 503 run, starting from the West Coast in Setiawan on the Christmas Day of 2014 and finishing at the East Coast Pantai Batu Buruk in Kuala Terengganu, two days later. The next project was the TiTi100 Road Ultra Marathon in March 2015, known also to be toughest road ultra 100k race in Malaysia. Big events like these really put Endurance Nature on the map, proving themselves as serious enthusiasts, looking to host long-distance running events and widen the ultra-racing community. From outsourcing suppliers to the time and effort put into making these races possible for long-distance running lovers, Ng and Allan show that action speaks louder than words when it comes to displaying their love for the sport.

Source: Endurance Nature

Second edition and third year races are much easier to organize, as routes have already been mapped out, but what if it’s an inaugural race? Treading on unknown lands, Endurance Nature stops at nothing to uncover trails and routes not taken, to give runners a fair balance of challenge and beautiful scenery. It’s not easy when it comes to planning out routes for runners, trying to keep the run interesting and achievable, but also coming up with innovative ideas to offer to potential participants for every event. With good communications and network, they work within a time of 6 months to work out a strategic plan to organize these events with utmost professionalism. A good strong friendship that was developed over their common love for long-distance running and their professionalism in their working environment plays a vital role till today as they divide roles between one another in order to accomplish their goals for the company. Both pioneers in the company are the driving force, turning dreams into reality, together with the help of volunteers to make every event a success.

Source: Endurance Nature

Their Philosophy Keeps You Energized

As much as their company is new to the scene of event organizing, Endurance Nature doesn’t look to outdo other fellow competitors, but instead use their experiences from running the long distance and their professional background to give their very best.

These aren’t just men organizing events to make money, they are men who have already been running these races and are now looking to improve events for others to enjoy. Endurance Nature may have a philosophy that will appeal to Malaysians, as they believe in providing good food, good drink, in an amount that is sufficient to keep your energy levels up while going that extra mile. The objective is just to keep runners focused on the run, as a 100km race is a mental game in itself. As we have said, Endurance Nature caters more to every runner’s well-being beyond the business that they receive.

Focusing solely on ultramarathons and ultra trail races, the name Endurance Nature speaks true to their running values. They organize endurance runs and they promise you a beautiful journey through nature, as you take that next step in your race. Visit their Facebook page and stay tuned for their future events. Be a part of the Endurance Nature family!