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New Fabric Developed that Combines Unique Visual Effects and Comfortable Fit

August 2016 – ASICS Corporation and Toray Industries, Inc. announce the joint development of a new textile, Chameleoid Mesh. The new fabric offers a variety of features, including color change with the angle of viewing.

ASICS will use the material in its new running shoe, the GEL-QUANTUM 360 CM, which will debut in early August, as well as in ASICS Tiger shoes, made with the sporting lifestyle market in mind. Other competition shoes may also feature Chemeleoid Mesh.

Chameleoid Mesh is the joint research and development by the ASICS Institute of Sports Science and the Toray Advanced Textiles Development Center. It is a new material combining original visual effects and high performance. The fabric features a visual element of changing colors depending on the angle of viewing, and also controls the degree of elasticity both along the length and breadth of the foot. The structure allows for better flexibility lengthwise and follows the foot’s form as the foot bends and changes, delivering a comfortable fit. The fabric also features excellent memory against continuous changes in form.


ASICS Institute of Sport Science, Footwear Function Research Department

Footwear Function Development Team Manager Kenta MORIYASU
“We are happy to have developed a new textile with colors that change depending on the angle of viewing, and that we can offer this product to our customers. By analyzing in detail the changes in running and walking foot form, we were able to construct an upper and develop materials that follow the form of the foot. The textile offers excellent breathability and a comfortable fit, and we think our customers will consider it fashionable as well.”

Toray Advanced Textiles Development Center, Satoshi NARUKO
“Using Toray’s high-performance fibers and textile design technology, we were able to develop a material with a special design and that offers a high degree of functionality. Because of the sophisticated production technology required, we worked together with a domestic assembly plant with excellent technical capacity. The material is completely Made in Japan, from start to finish.”