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Running shoes and kitchen ladle. Sweat and Soda. Marathoner’s Bibs and Aprons. Things which are completely different from one another and without any relation. These aren’t making any sense to you now. However, there’s one common denominator in this equation, which pulls these things together into same direction— Passion! Chua Wen Kiat runner and owner of “Runners.Café” and girlfriend Waverly Thow co-owner tell you more how passion can make two different worlds be collided as one.

This Is Not Your Typical Café.

It is Exclusively Designed As A Fitness Hub For Runners Wherein They Can Replenish And Connect With Like-minded Sporty Types. After A Long Day Run In The Park You Can Go Directly To Their Café, As They Provided Shower Rooms For You To Freshen Up And A Functional Treadmill In Case You Eat More Carbs Than Necessary. You Don’t Have To Worry, You Can Burn It Right Away. The Wonderful And Creative Ambience Of This Café Will Give You An Idea That There’s More To It Than What Meets The Eyes.

Starting Point

Coming from a long distance running background, Chua himself, knows the struggle of where to find the perfect spot to chill right after a race. As well as a café that serves nutritious food made for runners–the carbo loading before the run and the recovery meal after the run. Simply, with those as an inspiration he made that vision to life. The idea kick started at home. “My girlfriend always cooks nutritious food for me, because I run a lot and she wanted me to eat healthy foods” Chua explained. Like the trend nowadays, he photographed every single food that Waverly cooked for him and posted it on his Facebook, surprisingly, the responses were good, having reactions like the food looks enticing and all that. However, they didn’t thought of it as a business venture right away. Not until the owner of a café, the couple was dining in, told them that he was selling off his café. That triggered Chua and Waverly into thinking that there was really no café devoted for runners. “One likes running and another likes cooking”. Chua further added. Why not have the best of both worlds right?


It didn’t go as smoothly as they imagined at first given that they both didn’t have enough background with restaurant management and stuff. They had to start everything from scratch and with bare hands. From the DIY interior design of the café down to the designing of their menu. Everything was planned, executed and made possible through the huge efforts of this lovely couple in order to give not only runners but customers a comfortable place to sit, relax and have fun.

From the moment you entered the café, you will instantly feel its cozy and comfortable vibe. How they managed to cohesively made both their passion be apparent to the café is something you should really admire. The interior design of the café was composed of Finisher Medals Wall, Finisher Tees Wall, Marathon Bib’s Wall and Running Group’s Bulletin Wall. This was where Chua displayed the experiences that he got from all the marathons he took part in. Apart from that friends and runners did contribute some of their own race paraphernalia as well. So you, yourself can also be part of this café’s interior design.

In fast pacing world, running had become a social activities to many. In line with that, Runners.Café promotes healthy lifestyle by means of activities through running and sharing of experiences.

Every now and then, runners conduct inspirational talks in the café as well for the novice to learn from the expert. This serves as a good avenue for those who are starting their running career as well as to those who want to start an active lifestyle.

Run, Recover, Restore, Replete!

Behind every great man is a good woman. That’s Waverly for Chua. She’s the woman behind the scrumptious and healthy menu this café offers. Having a background in bakery, Waverly, is in charge of the food menu design, purchase of ingredients and kitchen operation. Their menu is composed of two portions, the “Carbo Loading” and the “Recovery Meal”.
For Carbo Loading these are the variety of foods you can choose from: All-Day Wholesome Meal, Back2Back Toast, Signature Bruschetta and Pasta. From all these mouth-watering selection it will fuel and boost your workouts and long runs. After every runs, all the protein you need will be taken care of by their Recovery Meal.

Keeping true with their healthy lifestyle concept, food served in Runners.Café contains no added MSG and no pork. Their pasta is cooked with olive oil and bread is made from natural yeast, butter and olive oil.

Finish Line

Another interesting thing about this café– they do not stop learning and keep innovating their ideas.

They change their menu every three months just so consumers can always try different
kind of meals.

They take ideas from everyone and reinvent their menu to suit the needs of runners. More rice, more Asian dishes and more flavours to Chia Seeds Dessert? You asked for it? You will have it soon.

You can already picture yourself along with other runners enjoying your healthy foods and drinks while sitting in the Runner’s Cafe red sofa looking at the finishing tees and medals after a long run. Hoping someday to see your own running memorabilia hanging on their wall. Don’t limit yourself, run for it. You better eat and run until you reach the finish line!

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