Reaching For The Stars


“Nab, aren’t you ever tired?”

“For what?” I would say in return.

“For exerting yourself. For running, cycling, swimming and God-knows-what other things you always do almost every other day.” My friends clearly were not unfamiliar with my daily routine and activities, from my frequent updates on Instagram and Facebook.

“You mean for doing what I love?” and I smiled.

Well, that’s the thing. Everyone has their own way of living their lives and own preferences in the things they love to do, and I must admit: One size doesn’t fit all. However this is my article, hencemy story: As a white collar worker, a student, a committee member of the most awesome running crew ever existed, a pack leader and most importantly, a runner.

I remember the day when I registered for the infamous Ironman 70.3 held in Putrajaya (which cost me around USD720). My sister was practically breathing fire down my neck, as I clicked the confirm button on the laptop screen. She ended up not talking to me for a week for spending quite a lot on a mere event: 1.9km of swimming, 90km of cycling and 21km of running, a mere event indeed (to be read with a sarcastic tone).

What she doesn’t understand is that: it’s not about the money. It’s never about the money, nor the time spent, nor the exhaustionfelt after each training session. It’s about how much worth you place on them all,the joy of spending your time doing the stuff you love, with people who are as passionate about it as much as you are. It’s about the satisfaction felt knowing that you have done your very best andthat you can reach for the stars.

And so the countdown began

T-7. I had been slowly crossing out the days on my event calendar. A calendar that were not only filled with meeting dates and study timetable, but also listed out the trainings I had to undergo on specific days. Being a white collar worker as well as a part time student, time is of the essence. Hence, planning out what I have to do each day in advance is crucial to ensure effective and efficient trainings, while staying up to date with my studies and work. I would always try to follow through each and every one of the scheduled trainings (the word try is deliberately used in this context) and never underestimate the impacts of these trainings in helping me to achieve my ultimate goal: Giving my best shot during the race.