A Magical Charm in Every Running Event


Standing there in your sports gear, the crowd faces you. Despite the chilly morning, beads of sweat trail down your forehead. The morning sun threatens to make its appearance. You fumble with the microphone in your hand as you watch the throng of participants grow impatient to start the race. “It’s now or never”, whispers the little voice in your head.

Picture a running event. What comes to mind? Participants colorfully dressing in their sports gear, decorative banners, supporters eagerly waiting for their family members or friends to cross the finish line and the music booth spinning up music for the warm up. What binds all these together?

The Magical Charm, the MC.

MC. Emcee. Compere. Master of Ceremonies. For decades, people have been arguing over the correct term. However let’s not squabble over semantics now. If you think being an emcee at a running event is less stressful than any other events, think again. Imagine thousands of restless participants and spectators eagerly waiting, and it’s in your hands to navigate the crowds. So how the emcee flawlessly glues the whole running event together?

Ever wondered how an emcee feels hosting a running event? Well we’re here to tell you that the amount of enjoyment the emcee experiences hosting a running event is endless. Greeting runners from everywhere to making sure every runner finishes the race with a grin on their faces and coming home with a million memories are just the first few pages in a running emcee’s tale.

Now, are you able to imagine the magic an emcee can make?

Interaction between the participants and the emcee is what gets the running event kicking off to a great start! On the day of the run, the runners would be pumped and raring to go. And how do our emcees cast their magic on the runners to hype and make the event more exciting? Definitely first the emcee kicks off the running event with a blazing warm up session. Aerobic exercises ranging all the way to Zumba, the emcee has equipment to make the whole running event fun. Whether it’s some old-school rock ‘n’ roll like The Rolling Stones or something like Eminem or Jay Z to inspire the runners, it’s critical to hype the runners up and get their bloods flowing. Armed with an addictive playlist, the emcee makes sure every participant gets their legs moving and grooving along to the music making the event enjoyable.

Plus to the emcees, they get to meet a ton of participants. Ranging from runners trying out their luck at a first time race all the way to professional athletes. The emcee gets to mingle with the participants cheering them on, making sure no participant ever feels left behind. And there’s nothing better to be greeted by the smiling, supportive face of the emcee at the finish line. And to those runners who are fretting about their first time taking part in a running event, no worries! That’s what emcee’s are here for. Cracking up joke to subside your nerves are a house specialty of emcees.

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