Run with a Whole Heart


“When I started running, I felt relieved,” he said. “It turned out I was actually great at the sport so I continued training with my instructor.”

Although Muhaizar was eager for podiums, the journey to his championships was not easy at first.

“With every marathon I run, I hope to improve and achieve higher.”

Being the first runner up of more than 30 marathons, however Muhaizar claimed that his best runs were Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 and Sultan Mahmud Bridge International Run 2016 for his personal best timings. In SCKLM 2016, he fulfilled an excellent result at two and a half hour, which transpired to be a better timing than his initial expectation. “I was really happy with my performance.” Muhaizar shared his greatest happiness.

Some of the days, this passionate runner experiences breakdowns as he is not satisfied with his performance upon certain events such as Mt. Kinabalu International Climbathon and Tioman Eco-Challenge – The Toughest Royal Race few years ago. However, he does not allow himself to fall but gets up immediately by going hiking with his friends, or basking by the beaches with his family members. To cheer himself up, he finds his own ways to move on again.

Apart from running being his forte, Muhaizar relishes playing football as well as other types of sports as his recreation.

Beyond the scores and stats, running also gives rise to Muhaizar in overcoming obstacles, exhibiting sportsmanship, and defying the hurdles to achieve success.“Let your failure to be your motivation to success.” he related his experiences. Not all marathons were triumphant for him as he experienced the worst injury on his waist. He had a strain on his muscle that has caused him difficulty to move, which took approximately two months on recuperation.

“I was at my lowest point of life. I could not run, but was only allowed to get light exercises. During my recovery, I applied caffeine cream on my injury.” Muhaizar added.

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