The One Armed Spartan Beast


Go hard or go home. And going home isn’t an option.

Reebok’s Spartan Race has the slogan “You’ll know at the finish line”. Those never partaken in a Spartan Race before will never know the true meaning to those words. But Zijun Loh Chee Khoon or more commonly CK embodied the Spartan slogan. Tears streamed down his face but he didn’t realize. It felt amazing crossing the finishing line. He was a beast of a Spartan warrior. Who are Spartans? Spartans were a group of people ranging from all heights and sizes’ going beyond their comfort zone, challenging themselves to what feels like impossible. Spartans speak one common language, determination, 20 kilometers and 30+ obstacles were overthrown. CK Loh was a Spartan beast. CK Loh proved to the world that you didn’t need all 4 limbs to conquer the Spartan race, just plain fiery, Spartan spirit.


Marathon Runner to Obstacle Conqueror

So how did an all time marathon runner turn into an obstacle race junkie? Previously having taken part in many marathons, CK craved for a new challenge. That’s when he started his first obstacle race in the year 2013 and ever since then he’s been hooked. For two years, Reebok had been organizing obstacle races and after that he attempted his very first Spartan Sprint Race. What’s a Spartan Sprint Race you might be wondering? It is a 5 kilometer race with 20+ over obstacles. The marathon runner found the Spartan race to be way tougher than the Reebok obstacles race but he managed to complete the race within three to four hours. He soon found out that another Spartan race was about to be held in Malaysia in 2014, the Spartan Super.

Not willing to surrender to the race, CK trained very hard and conquered the 13 kilometers with 25+ obstacles. Following this successful achievement, he was invited by Media Corporation in Singapore to complete another Spartan Super race. In the year 2016, he was sponsored by Reebok to compete in the Spartan Race World Championships in Lake Tahoe, USA where he will finally take on the Beast Challenge face to face. At first, he felt worried that he wouldn’t be ready but he made up his mind he was going to accomplish it. There was no going back now for our one armed spirited champion.

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