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“Curiosity kills the cat” is a proverb used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation. However, for Salomon it’s the same exact curiosity that made them be one of the world’s leading brand for outdoor gear, trail running shoes, hiking apparel, ski equipment, and remain at the forefront of the ski hardware industry.

Bart Marcaillou, Salomon’s Asia-Pacific brand manager

They may have burned a few bridges along the way, but this made them what they are today. Bart Marcaillou Salomon’s Asia-Pacific brand manager shares a tell-all tale with the Running Malaysia Team on Salomon’s journey towards the peak of success!

“I’m fascinated with what I’ll do tomorrow” these were the exact words of Georges Salomon together with his father François Salomon the two founders of Salomon according to Bart. Through this question and curiosity in mind, a French outdoor brand for winter and summer sports was born.



Back to the real source of the tale, we must travel all the way back to 1947. The company started with François Salomon, his wife and his son Georges Salomon. Salomon family then opened a wood saws and ski edges workshop in downtown Annecy, South- eastern France. Ten years after, the father-son tandem kick-started an idea of creating bindings or “Le lift”. Bindings are a device that connects a ski boot to the ski. Basically, it holds the boot firmly to allow the skier to maneuver the ski. However, if certain force limits are exceeded, it releases the boot to minimize skier injuries, such as in the case of a fall or impact.

The bindings were the primary focus of this ski company. Until the late 80’s, out of curiosity, Salomon took the road the company never thought of initially taking–from ski to outdoor path. Salomon ventures into summer sports with the launching of their hiking shoes. Salomon no longer limits the brand through skiing alone but also open their doors to other outdoor activities such as trail running and adventure hiking as well. Alongside, this French brand steps up their game for introducing Salomon to other countries including the countries in Asia-Pacific region.

As of today, Salomon is continuously on the edge of expanding their market. Their objective is to enable people to enjoy the shoes and the outdoor sports more. Along with Primer the main distributor of Salomon brand here in Malaysia, Bart believes that they can find the right way in handling Malaysian market from the safety issues down to the most preferred model. “Malaysia is still quite a new market for Salomon, that’s why we want to start off with trail running and later on proceed to adventure hiking then eventually pushes both”. Bart added with a smile. More than anything, the brand wants to be closer to the community, to be loved and known by many. Every country that Salomon is introduced in, they tend to always adapt to their surroundings and leans towards the same direction–innovation and progression.

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