VITO Speed Hurdles


We all share the love for running. However practicing only one sport like running tends to turn us into single dimensional athletes. Single dimensional athletes operate on one plane of movements. Our muscle just moves forward and side muscles are not active due to the nature of the sport. Basketball and football players are three dimensional athletes since their sport requires them to move sideways and forwards. This strengthens their side muscles. Simply put, agile runners who are three dimensional athletes can prevent certain injuries and run faster too. Hence we introduce you the VITO Speed Hurdle to strengthen your muscles.

The VITO Speed Hurdle may seem like a small hurdle when compared to the Olympic hurdlers. Nevertheless this exercise is intense if done in a proper form and speed, in just a matter of ten minutes. Our model Elaine learned it.

This small piece of equipment can be stored in a corner and easily tucked in the boot of a car. The safety feature that comes with it, if you trip over it, the VITO Speed Hurdle will fall over preventing you from getting your foot stuck.

This small piece of awesome equipment is fun to work out with and burns a ton of calories. This equipment can be shared by a few friends taking turns and even gets your kids to jump and have fun at the same time.

This exercise is intense if done in a proper form and speed.

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