Sheela Samivellu


The Courage To Continue Is What Counts.

  • Sheela Samivellu
  • Principal Assistant Director Ministry of Well-Being, Housing and Local Government

At the age of 5, When most children were hooked onto cartoons, sheela samivellu would tie up her laces and run. Fast forward thirty-one years later, there she is securing first place in standard chartered kl marathon 2016 with a record breaking time of 1:24:44.

Breaking Barriers and Records with Sheela

MY RUNNING JOURNEY BEGAN at the age of five when I told my father to sign me up for my first race. I still remember the feeling of victory of my first race. I was one of the smallest kids there, clutching my winning. Under the watchful eye of my dad who was my coach, I graduated from 5km, 10km to 12km. At the age of nineteen, I accomplished my first 21km run in Lumut, Perak.

WINNING A RACE, is not easy. It’s something I invest a lot of effort in. My competitors consist of mostly young full time runners so I train extremely hard. My training takes place at night since I can only train after work. Even when I travel, I bring my running shoes along with me.

THE ATHLETE I LOOK UP TO is Olympian Mohamed Muktar Jama. If you ask most long-distance runners, his name would always be on the top of their list. I love reading about him.

THE CONCEPT OF CARBO LOADING is confusing to me! I don’t understand it. I stick to the basics of no spicy food and plenty of water. I don’t try new diets before a race as I do not want to disturb my digestive system. To me the correct food is important but training is most vital. Supplements are secondary.

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