Creating An Impact: Coach Sue Teoh

Sue Teoh

What are two common things that Nike and Sue Teoh share? Firstly, would be her “Just Do It” attitude that led her to having a career in what she’s most passionate about. Secondly, Nike co-founder, Bill Bowerman, was a teacher who showed athletes the secret to achievement. Just like Sue who coaches her students in both running and swimming. Running Malaysia gets a sit down with Sue as she explains on how she went from working in a corporate office to travelling to New York and being a Nike coach.

Don’t let that sweet, demure smile fool you. Sue or known to her students as Coach Sue has been in numerous triathlons, road and mountain biking tournaments. At the very young age of six, her parents placed her in competitive swimming and there was no stopping her from then on. She began her coaching journey four years ago, and later received her coaching certification. Nike then came along and requested her to be their coach, to join them on Nike runs.

Being a coach translates to more than just brushing up skills, it’s handling people. “You must understand how a person learns and adapt to the person’s learning speed’, Sue explains. Her key tips are understanding your client well. Know what they want to do and what they would like to achieve. After all, a good coach will make his players see who they can be rather than who they are.

“I adapt to who I’m coaching”, Sue shares. There is no one size fits all when it comes to being a coach. For example, if her clients tried doing something repetitively without results, she needs to review the training from the clients’ perspective and implements a new set of training. There’s no point being impatient.Sometimes you just need to step back, identify the rights and wrongs, and adopt a new approach, she adds on wisely.