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Benz Azuri Malik

The Marathon Company runs by one philosophy, “from runners to runners”. Benz began his running journey way before he started The Marathon Company. He takes into his experience as a runner and what he would expect from a running event when designing a running event.

Greeted by smiles all around, there is nothing but excitement when it comes to joining a fun run. A run for the whole family to enjoy, participating in a fun run is a good start for a healthy life. Fun runs are becoming increasingly popular throughout Malaysia with each run having a creative and unique theme. The brains behind the operation, the event organizers are what makes the run possible. Running Malaysia gets what goes on behind the scenes in organizing a running event with Benz Azuri Malik from The Marathon Company.

What inspired them to get The Marathon Company off the ground and running? The running scene in Malaysia wasn’t flourishing during 2014. Benz and his partner Hafiz wanted to create fun and well-organized running events in Malaysia like the way events were held overseas and with attractive medals. The partners then came up with ideas that would soon be the foundation of The Marathon Company, doing something different in Malaysia?

Just like every startup, business was quiet at the beginning. Potential clients they pitched to were not convinced that the running sport is growing fast. Coupled with the company still being in an infant stage, potential clients were doubtful that The Marathon Company could organize impactful running events for them.

The seeds of doubt were not sown in Benz’s head. One just needs to believe in himself. The team did not allow this one pebble in the road stop them and they proceeded ahead with their first event, Run Stroller Run! This ingenious concept was adopted from an event held in the United States. For safety concern, strollers are usually not allowed in running events. To be different, The Marathon Company organized and dedicate Run Stroller Run! to strollers. With lady luck by their side, the event was proclaimed a success. Participants were pleased with the event and that gave the partner the boost to continue organizing more runs.

The one event that catapulted them to become a reputable running event organizer in Malaysia is the Ice-Watch Light Up the Night Run 2015. It began when Ice-Watch was looking for a partner to launch their run. The Marathon Company stepped forward and pitched their idea to the watch brand. To their amazement, Ice-Watch agreed! It was the first event for Ice-Watch. They were worried that runners would usually be skeptic since the event was unprecedented. Fortunate enough, the event managed to get ahold 3,500 participants.

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