Perfect Multi-gym


You just got back from work. Tired and just feel like having a shower, quick dinner and hit the sack. But, it’s been 4 days that you haven’t done any workout. You are starting to feel sluggish and hey, your next race is coming up or you have made a New Year resolution to shed that 5kg?

What if there is something that you could do at home, just a quick 15- 20 minutes before shower and dinner? And of course to make you feel good and reach that goal of yours.

Top to Bottom: Regular Pushup, Wide Pushup, Close Pushup Modification Dip

The perfect equipment for that will be the Perfect Multi-Gym! A “mini gym” that is perfect for back exercises in shaping your sexy back with a good upright posture.

We all know too that there aren’t anything at home for us to do a quick chin ups. Just a simple hook up to a standard door frame and you get to do a chin up, wide pull up or a hammer pull up. Fret not if you can’t do a chin up, you can start with a negative rep by standing on a chair and slowly lower yourself.

The Perfect Multi-Gym can also be used to do a push up. With the padded handles, it’s more comfortable to do a regular,wide or close push up. Combine the push up with a tricep dip and you will get a fair bit of workouts done.

Sit Up

Why not finish the whole workout with some abdominals exercises? Yes, with the Perfect Multi-Gym, you can do the sit up at home with ease as well.

One of the must haves at home for a better run, better posture and a better you.

  • No installation needed
  • Unique design protects door frame
  • Fits the widest range of door frames, from 27″ to 35″
  • Extra-wide handles allow for true wide-grip pull ups

Fitness anywhere without excuses, this is The Perfect Multi-Gym.

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