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The pain you felt after an intense race or tough workout is your body’s one way of telling you that something isn’t right. And there is something that needs healing and attention. Basically, it is the effect of pushing yourself a little harder than the usual. Resulting for having overworked muscles aching with soreness and the pain won’t easily go away. Like what the famous line in the book says “Pain demands to be felt”.

Running on a flat surface, every foot strike requires your body via your legs to absorb three to five times its weight. As for downhill, the impact increases the absorption up to seven times your body weight. So, if you overdo it, it will result to aching muscles that can ruin your enjoyment during a race. Pain can give you strain vision. The crowds become blurry and the landmarks along the course can go unnoticed.

So for immediate temporary relief, you will suppress it with painkillers, pain-alleviating creams, sprays, gels or pads. However these are just a temporary fixes, the one thing you need to always remind yourself is to take good care of your body. Do proper stretching, don’t pressure yourself too much and know when to stop. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure.

For the moment, if you want to give your overworked muscles some well-deserved TLC. Running Malaysia rounded up your choices to 10 pain-relieving options that may have unearthed an easy way to beat post-workout soreness.

Hurix’s Massage Balm – RM13.35

  • Customarily used to relieve pain when faced with inflamed tendons
  • Can sooth overworked and sore muscles after intense workouts
  • Menthol substance has anti-inflammatory properties for a more therapeutic use
  • Can also use to treat itchiness caused by insect bites during trail run
  • Medicated balm to cure stomach ache and flatulence

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Hurix’s Krim Urut Tienqi Plus – RM12.60

  • Traditionally used to relieve tired muscles, muscular pains and expelling wind after every tempo runs
  • Composed of the famous Chinese herb “Tienqi” to facilitate healing of broken bones and sprained ankle due to its ability to disperse blood from an injury
  • The Menthol Camphor helps carry the herb deep into the tissue to direct the blood, stop bleeding without clotting, and yet speed up blood flow where it is needed
  • After a long distance run, this cream may be used to massage heavy legs
  • Can also use to treat minor injury such as post run chafing

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Three Legs White Balsem – 36g RM7.80 ; 20g RM5.25

  • Three Legs Brand White Balsem is a traditional anti-inflammatory analgesic cream prepared with soothing essential oils
  • The unique blend of herbs and essential oils provide quick and effective relief for any types of aches and pains
  • Its medicated ointment with hotter effect meant to treat joint sprains and muscular tensions after excessive running
  • The cream may be applied on your arms and legs to ward off mosquito bites during trail run

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Eagle Brand Muscular Balm – 20gm RM4.00 – RM6.00
Eagle Brand Eucalyptus Oil 30gm RM5.00 – RM7.00 ;60gm RM9.00 – RM11.00

  • Specially formulated topical analgesic rub that provides fast and effective relief for general muscle aches and pain
  • Its non-greasy formula easily absorbed by the skin with a chilli hot sensation and double heat effect encourages the muscles to relax
  • A pre running muscular balm to massage a stubborn and stiff joint to prevent muscle cramps
  • Its fresh eucalyptus oil and scent has an anti-inflammatory properties
  • Mixture of heat and soothing relief for rheumatic pain in the feet

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Flanil Analgesic Cream – 30g RM 11.50, 60g RM18.75

  • Analgesic massage cream specially intended for athletes
  • Providing immediate treatment on sore muscles after a race
  • Perfectly penetrates muscles and skin with its warming-cooling effect
  • An effective aid to arthritis and rheumatic problems
  • Doesn’t have a sticky feeling on the skin as it gently absorbs the cream

Available at All Leading Pharmacies


Deep Heat Sports Spray – RM33.90

  • Designed to temporarily relieve the pain from any sports-related muscular aches and strains
  • It is effective to use as a pre-warm spray before exercise to loosen up muscles
  • Greaseless and stainless combination that’s ideal for comfort
  • Used to rapidly generate heat in tired, injured or sore muscles using popular properties such as glycol salicylate and methyl salicylate
  • Special blend of ingredients concentrated for powerful painkiller which penetrates deep into the muscle

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Deep Heating Plaster – 7cmx10cm (2’s)RM5.80

  • Deep Heat Plaster features odourless technology and up to 8 hrs of deep penetrating warmth
  • Temporary relief on muscle aches and pain of joints associated with arthritis
  • The product can be used to treat back ache, strains and sprains after a strenuous exercise
  • Comfortable heating plaster can be worn unnoticed under clothing as it applies directly to the skin while you go about your daily routine
  • This softly thin plaster is greaseless and non-staining

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Mentholatum Deep Cold – 100g – RM25.90

  • Contains menthol for cooling action and has analgesic properties
  • Recommended for arthritic pain, muscle aches and backaches
  • Immediate treatment for muscle pains and soreness during exercise
  • Instant Cooling Relief for Over-Worked Muscles
  • Convenient and portable tube for sports bag, handbag and home/office first aid kits

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Deep Heating Rub – 35.4g – RM14.80, 94.4g – RM26.50

  • Recommended for the relief of muscular pains and stiffness
  • Deep Heat generates penetrating warmth in aching, injured and sore muscles
  • Can be used before or after workouts and contains ingredients that provide pain-relief plus heat
  • Its heat therapy helps to increase blood supply to relax and soothe muscles
  • Menthol and methyl salicylate found in this product are known as counter irritants

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