Lotto’s Luck – The Brand’s Most Hidden Treasure was discovered


Resembling a bowtie when there is a reflection of light as it signifies ascension, clarity and higher energetic wisdom with which the symbol resonates. Smooth and define edges that speaks quality. There are a lot of profound meaning when it comes to diamonds. But when you put two diamonds together, what will you get? Some people will picture it as double diamonds, while others say it’s a double lozenge figure representing two partially overlapping playing fields. Join us as we unveil the story behind this renowned Italian brand — the Lotto Sport Italia.

We’ll go down to history lane during the company’s humble beginnings. The founder of this famous Italian sports brand was Giovanni Caberlotto, a husband and father of two along with his two brothers. Born from the last part of the name of its founders, the Caberlotto family in Montebelluna, northern Italy—the heart of footwear manufacturing in the world—established Lotto and made its debut in 1973 as a sports footwear manufacturing company.


Giovanni was only 23 years old when he founded Caber (a manufacturing company for ski boots). The name was derived from the first part of his last name which he then sold to Spalding in 1974. Together with his two brothers, Sergio and Albero, they established the Lotto shoe company that Giovanni managed as general director.

An interesting fact that Giovanni used his family name to his two companies; the Caber and Lotto. Lotto’s full commitment then was in the production of tennis shoes alone. Soon after, it extended its range of specialization to basketball, volleyball, athletics, and football. Sports clothing took the stage afterward as the brand was in full swing to have a strong innate inclination towards active sports.

The first 10 years, Lotto’s main focus was to strengthen the Italian market only and it became a reference brand in the sports articles division for being the leading company in tennis. It was in the 80’s when Lotto took the opportunity to create its first football boot model.

By that, Lotto signed major collaboration agreements with internationally renowned players and teams namely Alberto Mancini and Thomas Muster in tennis, Dino Zoff, Carlo Ancelotti, Ruud Gullit and Holland in football. With creative inputs from the players and teams in both the design and refinement of the products as well as being the brand’s image, together they led the company to become the forefront of the tennis and football field. In result to that, Lotto’s international market grew rapidly and the brand was distributed in more than 60 countries across the globe.

In June 1999 the Company was taken over by a group of local business people who were already very active in the sports segment. It was headed by Andrea Tomat, who took on the role of President and CEO of the new company, which was renamed Lotto Sport Italia S.p.A. The new ownership’s objective was to exploit the brand’s strengths – dynamism, innovation, quality, Italian design and a real passion for sport – combined with its increasingly painstaking and effective customer service.

Today, the performance segment has now been strengthened, in line with the new corporate mission. Special focus is given to supporting the brand’s worldwide leadership with products that are right on the cutting edge in terms of innovation and design. In parallel, based on production, technical and stylistic know-how, an idea has been developed for men’s and women’s leisure clothing and footwear with a sport-inspired image and taste in terms of the selection of fabrics, colours and styles.

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