National Geographic and Nike Inc. Partner on Global Feature Documentary Special Breaking2 

Source: Nike

6 May 2017 – After a year of scientifically advanced training, three of the world’s most elite distance runners, Eliud Kipchoge, Lelisa Desisa and Zersenay Tadese, set out to do the incredible, fueled by Nike — to break the two-hour marathon barrier. More than 19 million spectators worldwide watched as the runners, driven by their unrelenting determination and backed by cutting-edge science and product innovation, circled the Monza circuit in Italy. In the climactic finish, 32-year-old Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge came within only 25 seconds of breaking the elusive two-hour mark.

National Geographic and Nike Inc. announced today the global documentary Breaking2 (working title), chronicling this legendary journey that redefined the limits of human potential. National Geographic Studios, in association with Dirty Robber, an Academy Award-nominated production and entertainment company, will produce the film. Breaking2 will have its broadcast premiere this September on National Geographic in the U.S. and Europe and be made available globally on digital platforms.

“With Nike as the perfect partner in telling this remarkable story, Breaking2 is about pushing limits and going further. We hope that viewers will connect with the runners on a personal level,” said Brendan Ripp, EVP of sales and partnerships, National Geographic.  “They are super-athletes, but we witness them in incredibly personal moments of their daily lives, hopes and dreams, as well as their training.”

Source: Nike

“This project has been over two years in the making and with National Geographic’s unparalleled global reach, we hope to bring this story of passion and courage to create conversation and inspire people to think differently about how they approach their daily lives,” said Nikki Neuburger, VP of brand marketing, global running, Nike Inc. “We’re excited to share the story of these three amazing runners, and the team of scientists and product developers, on their journey to challenge the limits of human potential.”

Featuring breathtaking cinematography, the film chronicles the journey of three world-class runners and their teams as they try to defy the unthinkable. Breaking2 is about the intersection of technology and the human spirit. From testing in wind tunnels and running labs in the United States, to balancing training with their day-to-day lives in eastern Africa, to the final heart-pounding race in Italy, we followed these pioneers on their global trek to break the two-hour barrier.

“In certain parts of the world distance runners are as celebrated as NBA or NFL athletes,” explained Director Martin Desmond Roe. “This film offers a never-before-seen look at these remarkable heroes as they train tirelessly to shatter one of the biggest barriers in the world of sports and human endurance.”

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