Nor Khadijah


The Courage To Continue Is What Counts.

  • Nor Khadijah

When You Think Of Trail Running, You Think Of Mud, Dirt, Basically Rugged Terrains. But Nor Khadijah Has Proved That Women Too Can Get Down And Dirty, Going Off The Beaten Paths To Satisfy Her Cravings For Conquering Trails.

I GREW UP BEING ACTIVE as I was involved in the hockey team representing my high school. However, I was not active in running in school. My venture into running began in 2010 whereby I would just lace up my shoes and run. I didn’t even participate in running events; it was more for the sake of keeping fit. Now, you can’t stop me from participating in trail running events and running helps as an additional reinforcement to my trail event exercises.

MY TRAIL RUNNING JOURNEY kicked off when a friend suggested I join her in the Korbu International Challenge Perak in 2013. Without hesitation, I signed up only to realize that I was supposed to run up Mount Korbu. After that, I was hooked. The trail run I’ve recently completed was the Ultra Trail Unseen Koh Chang in Thailand. It was my second 100km trail run.

MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT would be The Most Beautiful Thing (TMBT) in Sabah. It was my first ever 100km trail run. At one of the checkpoints was the view behind Mount Kinabalu. It was an amazing feeling because I felt like I was so close and I could touch Mount Kinabalu. The scenery was breathtaking and it was an unforgettable experience.

MY FITNESS REGIME usually is during weekdays. Three times a week after work. University Malaya is my training ground. I run an approximately 5 to 10 kilometers. Sometimes on Wednesday nights, I run from University Malaya to KLCC and back, 21km in total. When I was tired at times, I would run one way and take the train home. Dieting does not exist for me! I eat practically everything. I do control the portion of my rice intake. I also carbo load before events.

THE ATHLETE I LOOK UP TO is Mira Lai, an ultra-trail runner who recently became the winner of 2017’s Adventurer of the Year of National Geography. Her humble background story is very inspirational to trail runners like me. When it comes to support, my family isn’t exactly very supportive. My mom has never failed to ask me when I will retire from trail running. My response to her would always be the same, a sheepish smile and telling her “soon mom”.

I’VE FACED MY FAIR SHARE OF DIFFICULTIES. When it comes to trail or road running, after a certain kilometer, you get the feeling which you don’t want to continue anymore. But, when you think back from where you started, it’s a strong kick to end the race strong. Plus, nothing’s more worthwhile than the breathtaking view when you reach to the top of the hill. Plus, I train with a group of friends so we tend to motivate each other. I am in two separate groups for road running and trail running.

MY DREAM ONE DAY is to be able to conquer the Ultra Trail Run Mont Blanc (UTMB). After all, we must dream big and start from somewhere in order to take on the ultimate trail runner challenge. I’m currently under an association called the International Trail Running Association, whereby in most trail events I join, I collect points. All these points will be accumulated in order to climb Mont Blanc. This association will then vote to decide who will be able to climb Mont Blanc. I’ve already obtained the points to climb Mont Blanc. Now, it’s the matter of funds. One day, it’s going to be a possibility!