Powering Through Your Trails


Let nothing come between you and nature. Your strides will constantly be changing in order to navigate the roots, rocks, trees, creeks, etc. on the trail. Nothing zings you out the door or across a finish line faster than some new tunes. Heading out on a trail instead of pavement is appealing for so many reasons. Escaping into the woods or meadows gives you a nature experience that a road run often cannot.  Eliminate the outside environment of cars and other city noises, and import sounds of birds and trees rustling in the wind.

Don’t let trails intimidate you. After all, it’s just dirt. Ditch the tarmac and start hitting the trails today! Are you a trail lover or do you stick to the pavement?  If you’ve never run on trails, what is holding you back?

  1. COLD – Maroon 5 (100 bpm)
  2. CHAINED TO THE RHYTHM – Katy Perry (190 bpm)
  3. ALONE – Alan Walker (97 bpm)
  4. COOL GIRL – Tove Lo (102 bpm)
  5. CAN’T STOP THE FEELING – Justin Timberlake (113 bpm)
  6. CAKE BY THE OCEAN – DNCE (119 bpm)
  7. WORK FROM HOME – Fifth Harmony (105 bpm
  8. I’M A LADY – Meghan Trainor (175 bpm)
  9. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE FOREVER – Zayn Malik ft Taylor Swift (118 bpm)
  10. SHAPE OF YOU – Ed Sheeran (96 bpm)
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