Run With Dannie


Getting Away From The City That Makes The Rest Of The World Feel Like It’s Falling Away

He is the person who led the pacers with every month’s run through the misty forest composed of uphill terrains and muddy trail. The one who help you on how you should condition your body for an upcoming race. Dannie Choong, a name that is somewhat familiar for those who frequently participated trail running clinics. But who he is really behind the trail running shoes and dirty ground.

Behind The Trail And Running Gear

Dannie is not the type of trail runner who is always active in sports in his younger years, yet his passion towards running is unfathomable. That interest came into the picture, years after he started working. Dannie remembers that he used to weight heavier before, in order to do something about it, he used it as motivation towards fitness.

For over 30 years, Dannie used to work in a logistics company and decided to leave just recently to work in World Vision, a Non-Government Organization. He’s currently the Manager for Resource Development department who organizes charity events and dinners. But, his interest in running cannot be concealed. Even in a hectic working schedule, Dannie makes sure that he can allot time for running. “Once you have the passion, you will definitely make time to improve on what you really like to do. For example, you are a piano lover but the work you’re doing is not musical and instrumental related. At the end of the day, you will find a way to play the piano. For us, pacers, it’s certainly the same, our commitment to the community to bring awareness is what keeps us going” Dannie said.

Being a trail runner himself, he knows the struggles and difficulties that comes along with trail running after indulging to some road running, Dannie decided to trade the traffic lights to tail heads. Going out on a trail instead of pavement is appealing for so many reasons. Escaping into the woods gives you a nature experience that a road run often cannot, and a trail’s softer surface gives your body a break as well. Amidst the lungs burning and legs straining, the green environment combined with fresh air offer him something that running under the heat of the sun on a tarmac road cannot give.

Once you have the passion, you will definitely make time to improve on what you really like to do….