Run With Dannie


Tnf And Salomon Immense Contribution

The North Face and Salomon have been the greatest advocates of exploration. They look for boundaries to be broken, limits to be pushed and passions to be driven. In doing so, the brands take into mind and heart a great respect for the natural environment and the communities they engaging in. In line with that, for the past 3 years, TNF sponsored some of Dannie’s running clinics, as a way for them to reach out to the running community. And just recently, Salomon follows through.

Dannie continuously organizes running clinics that will serve as an avenue to better expose trail running to the public. “My whole team and I want to create a safe environment, where we can lead the public to a run without the fear of getting lost as well as to give assurance and comfort that we can provide a well-deserved assistance to them” Dannie further added. His team is not only bringing awareness with regards to trail running but they also give awareness of what kind of products to use on the trail.

Trail running is a whole different ballgame. Apart from having flat and uphill terrain, the route in trail running also has uneven surfaces that your body should get conditioned to before every trail race. Some of the forces that would normally be transmitted from the pavement during a road race are far more unlikely when the foot hits the ground on the trails. “I want runners to be aware of that, because many think that road running and trail running is on the same level. In fact they’re not” Trail running has this awesome exploratory vibe to it that requires you to stay ready and alert – you’ll cross creeks and tangled roots. Unlike road running, trail running demands your eye to focus on the surrounding near you.

Meet The Pacers

Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work. And that’s how Dannie along with his eight pacers strengthen their team solidarity for three long years. Their strong commitment to encouraging more people in trail running is unwavering. “My eight pacers are actually the backbone of all the running clinics we conducted.It takes a team to be successful.

Everyone is so committed to the running clinics that’s why I’m so lucky to have them in my team” This goal-driven man said proudly.

Dannie’s pacers are not all podium winners when they first joined his running clinics. Yet. Because after unceasingly attending all his trail running clinics, they got podium-placing marathon after marathon. This trail running clinic leader explained that he picked all his pacers based on interest, enthusiasm, and commitment to the program.