Runner’s Footprint


When you were given another shot at life, how will you want to live?
Will you live the same as before or you prefer to live differently?
Raymond Ng, a triathlete and trail runner, was given another chance at life. After being so close to death he realized how short life is and opted
to seize every moment. Raymond honestly shares to Running Malaysia the challenge of a gruelling climb, a steep descent or an outcropping of rock and on how he bounces back after hitting rock bottom.

Science and Faith

Stitches marks that run across Raymond’s head. This is a scar that serves as a reminder of what he went through in the past. It was more than ten years ago when Raymond suffered from brain aneurysm. An aneurysm occurs when an arterial wall in the brain weakens or bulges. If it ruptures, releasing blood, death occurs 40 percent of the time, according to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Two-thirds of survivors incur some type of lasting neurological defect. “It happens so sudden, no signs or symptoms, it’s a silent killer,” Raymond says as he reminisces one of the darkest times of his life.

“After a near-death experience, Raymond chose to run to celebrate life.”

Imagine waking up one day and you won’t remember anything or anyone. That’s exactly what happened to Raymond right after his operation. He woke up and remember nothing. He experienced a temporary amnesia or memory loss due to the brain surgery he underwent. The mortality rate of people who suffered brain aneurysm is quite high. No matter how hopeless and devastating his situation before yet this determined runner is still grateful for being alive.

Being a Christian, Raymond has a strong faith in God. With his condition, all he did was to pray every day. “I cry like a baby each time but then I asked Him: my life is in your hands, please heal me,” Raymond said in a soft voice. This silent killer most of the time only gives people two options, its either you will live but in a vegetative state or you die. For Raymond, it’s neither of the two. God heals him in a way he can’t even imagine. Even the doctors were surprised with his fast recovery. It’s indeed unexplainable.

“Through different terrain elevation, trail running strengthen not only your lower body but your upper body as well. Also, your sense of balance will pretty much improve during downhill descent.”