Runner’s Footprint


Running with no boundaries

After his surgery and full recovery, his body coordination wasn’t in a good state. His body feels a bit stiff and awkward. In order to do something about it, he started running. Then cycling comes along mainly influenced by some of his friends who are into triathlon and duathlon. One of his friends suggested that he should join Ironman Langkawi, in which Raymond agreed without a second thought. “I want to achieve things that I never did before” Raymond utters.

Taking this new path seriously and wholeheartedly, Raymond even quit his job as brand manager and went sabbatical to focus on training for his first triathlon in 2009. “Back then, I want to take a breather after everything that happened in my life; and, since it is my first triathlon event, I want to make sure that I trained enough to finish the race” This is how driven and passionate Raymond can be.

Raymond got a help from his friend who used to be a state runner for Selangor. He coached him all the way and made him undergo a training program for almost 6 months. The hard works and intense training eventually paid off as he successfully completed Ironman Langkawi with a bright smile on his face. Raymond joined Ironman the following year again. Though this time he didn’t need to take a break from his job as he had more confidence after finishing his first. “After I’ve done my Ironman journey, I asked myself, what’s next?” He said.

After I’ve done my Ironman journey, I asked myself, what’s next?

Trail running feels

We ask the same question. “What’s next for him?” Raymond explains that after every achievement he want to do something different. What’s more different than trail running, right? After getting used to running and cycling on a tarmac road, it made him wonder what forest and wilderness has to offer. The leaves which dance to an unheard beat and the fragrance of the fresh air while the forest path was covered with old trees and underneath are twisted roots.

Slowly, Raymond became addicted to the adrenaline that trail running gives. The feeling of crushing those hills on a trail is far more different from conquering the hills in the city. Just by pounding on the muddy ground it already gave him satisfaction and euphoria. As time goes by, he also saw the vast benefits of running in trail instead of road. “Through different terrain elevation, trail running strengthen not only your lower body but your upper body as well. Also, your sense of balance will pretty much improve during downhill descent.” Raymond explains thoroughly.

Considering that there were not many trail running events and trail running shoes options available before, the fan of this new found sport went to Singapore just to purchase a pair of trail running shoes. This determined trail runner won’t use any kind of setback as an excuse not to go and explore trails. Raymond can be really dedicated and resolute once he wants something.