Runner’s Footprint


Lovers’ Lane Trail

Just like, how he went over to Sapa highland in Vietnam to get on one knee and propose
to his fellow trail runner and then girlfriend, Michelle Looi. The trail that offers a lot of twists, turns and spectacular beauty that is very much fitting for a love that was being celebrated on that day. Michelle might think that it’s just an ordinary trail running overseas but for Raymond, he knew it was something more.

Raymond and Michelle run through the pristine jungle over ancient mountains and pace along a trail of beautiful gardens and lush pine forests. At the middle of their trail running Raymond courageously popped out the nerve-racking question that changes his life forever. With a surprise face, Michelle managed to answer a sweet YES.

Trail is no ordinary path. It will take you to the deepest pit of the forest and you don’t know what kind of surprises awaits you there. From passionate runners aiming for the finish line down to planned marriage proposal, anything can happen. Today, Raymond continues to run and discover new trails, the difference is his trail footprints now has another pair. Every trail has a story — for Raymond and wife Michelle — they just created their own.