Who is Ruben? – He Took The Mountains By Foot; Took The World By Storm


When someone says ‘Powerful Human’ the first thing that comes to mind is human with innate superpowers who fights against villains, just like the protagonist on your favourite Superhero action-flick. You will imagine a muscular guy who can fly around the city or a guy who can climb the tallest building wall. And yes, you might be right, he’s a muscular guy but he can’t fly. And he can climb not the tallest building wall, but the world’s highest mountain.

Wishes not in the wall, Ruben tattooed his wishes which are the Eight Summits of the World on his back. From Kilimanjaro, Denali, Elbrus, Aconcagua to Carstensz Pyramid, Everest and Vinson, Ruben has crossed them off one by one and once completed he tattooed the date under it. He summited one mountain after another, and all that’s left now is K2.

If you think that his customized vision walls are some kind of bogus attempt at his life goals, the 39-year old Ruben Payan Jr. who successfully summited the peak of Seven Summits of the World with a dedicated core value each thinks otherwise. Ruben proves the cynics wrong and that it’s okay to dream big as he brought to life all the written wishes on his back.

Fresh out from a 6-hour flight from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, The North Face Master Trainer Ruben Payan Jr. let his personality shine through as he greets our team with much enthusiasm and warmth. In a laid-back shirt, short and a pair of slippers, this humble man passionately shares to Running Malaysia his tales from the trail, climbing expedition and his philanthropic vision to inspire others.

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