Angel Tang


The courage to continue is what counts.

  • Angel Tang

Giving up is not part of her vocabulary neither an option for angel. This frequent marathoner who participated in 52 running events last year and podiumed to 50, goes to show that some angel doesn’t fly, they run!

EVEN IN MY YOUNGER YEARS, I’m always active in sports, especially in running. I was running in all categories from 100m – 1500m sprint. I became the best athlete in track and field for 5 consecutive years during my secondary time. Also, I became a captain for softball.

MY STORY WITH PUMA STARTED way back in 2014 when they first formed their running clinics in KLCC Park. I joined them after being introduced by a friend and decided to attend their training regularly. Through that, I am able to familiarise with the brand and their range of products. I’m drawn to PUMA products as they are both practical and fashionable. Then, soon after, I was offered to be part of their running clinic as a PUMA PACER. In which, I can share my knowledge and passion for running with other runners.

THE TRAINING ROUTINE I HAVE is every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in Lake Garden. I actually trained with the running group called Pacemakers. Our program varies from fast interval and tempo runs down to long distance running on weekends.

THE BEST MEMORABLE RUN I HAD SO FAR is the Nagoya Marathon and Iskandar Puteri. For Nagoya Marathon, I enjoyed the cold weather. On top of that, I won’t get sweaty and tired easily. I achieved one of my best timings through that race as well. Also, the amount of support given by the cheering crowd overseas is priceless. Iskandar Puteri in Johor was also unforgettable for me as it was my first full marathon and I was the champion. Despite my legs were not in good shape the entire race, I still managed to land first place.

IF I WERE NOT A RUNNER, THE SPORTS THAT I MOST LIKELY BE INVOLVED WITH is Scuba Diving. I’m always fond of the ocean, the serenity and calmness it brings. Now, I am a PADI certified Rescue Diver.

THE WORST INJURY I GOT is this stress fracture on my ankle bone. The recovery time will be around 2-3 months hopefully not more than that. This is mainly my fault because I joined 4-5 marathons in a month and my recovery run was another marathon too. So halfway through the race, my ankle was in bad condition already, I could feel the excruciating pain but I continued to run and finished the marathon. I just can’t afford to DNF. That’s why my ankle bone was the one suffering. This is the price to pay. I felt sad for I need to drop all the marathons I supposed to attend in the coming months. Yet, that served as a lesson for me to take good care of my body more than anything else.

I CAN SAY THAT MY STRENGTH AS A RUNNER AND A PERSON is I’m mentally strong. Once I started something, I will make sure that I complete it no matter what the circumstances may be. In spite of difficulties, I won’t stop and give up that easily. Some people may see me as a stubborn runner but for me, it’s my one way of saying that I’ll just finish what I have started.

MY ULTIMATE RUNNING GOAL is I want to participate and complete an ultra- marathon of 100km once in my lifetime.

RUNNING ALLOWS ME to detach myself from stress and gives me a sense of freedom instead. That’s why I opted for long distance running. It gives me more “alone time” and rejuvenates my mind. No matter how stressful my day can be, I will eventually feel better once I run.