Her Name Is Michelle – She fought against the odd and beat the time.


The thing about time, it’s always moving and somehow it runs out. For the last two years, this strong-willed runner was on the quest of chasing after it, hoping one day she can beat it. After missing her mark at SCKLM last year with just one minute, Michelle came back this year for her sweet revenge. Let us read more of Michelle’s story on how she recovers from marathon setbacks and used it as a running drive. On how she progresses from a 6-hour marathon timing to a 3:33, and a whole lot more!



Michelle wasn’t born fast. Growing up she’s more involved into gymnastics than any other sports that require running or getting her heart pump faster. This female runner used to run on the treadmill only. It was in 2010 when she joined her first ever 10km and immediately moved into 21km a month after with a timing of 2 hours and 18 minutes. That’s when she fell in love with road running. In the following year, she participated in a 42km marathon already, yet still unaware how far the distance a full marathon has. “It was very torturing. I literally, walked the whole way.” Michelle recalls. We asked about her timing then, she laughed before answering “6 hours”.

After her first full marathon, Michelle stopped joining marathons. It was her senior year at the university and she knew that her academics still her priority. Also, from her experience of 6-hour walking in a 42km marathon, she didn’t think of doing it again. Though her running hiatus didn’t take that long. In 2013, she met some uncles in the gym who invited her to run with them on the road. Without a second thought, Michelle joined their group and trained with them. “Those uncles were very fast but they’re also selfless as they matched my slow pace when I was just starting, instead of them trying to get faster” Michelle added. After those afternoon running she had with them, she then joined a 12km run, and surprisingly ended up into a podium.

That one marathon was then followed by another marathon and Michelle became unstoppable. No matter how hard it was for her at the beginning, as she needed to juggle her day job as an accountant, night job as a tutor and her running. But she somehow made a way out of it by giving up his profession as an accountant and follow her passion. “My boyfriend told me that I need to give up something, as I can’t do everything at once.

Teaching and running are both my passion, so I cannot give up those two” Michelle said.