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With their social responsibility and solid commitment to community

Sometimes, people tend to do everything in their power to protect something. Either for a most kept property, people they love or memories they cherished. The same with how we fight every day for a purpose to make a difference. And Mohd Bukhari—CEO of 10 Senses, an event organizing company—is no different than those people. You may know him as the guy behind The Magnificent Merapoh Trail. However, for the past years, he’s not only organizing events just for the sake of organizing it. He has been in a more serious fight and journey to save Merapoh thru the TMMT. Running Malaysia got the chance to hear directly from Bukhari what has been the reason behind his huge involvement in this helping hand project to save Merapoh. Apart from that, his strong social responsibility and commitment to his community will yet to unfold. All that and more, so read on!



Graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in 2003, Bukhari began working for a housing developer. He proceeded to start his own business, in which he sold “apom balik”. He furthered his skills by working as a landscapist in the construction industry as a side business. He even worked in the publishing company for two years.

While maintaining his day job, he never forgot his roots and passion for hiking. When asked how his love for hiking originated, his response was simple “hiking was fun and it became a lovable hobby”. He mentioned that the added advantage was that his friends and he would simply hop on the bus to proceed to their hike, very cost effective.



10 Senses (M) Sdn. Bhd. has been established since 2013 and was formerly known as 10 Senses Solution which initially started off as a Whatsapp group named “10 Percent”. An active sportsman himself, Bukhari built his network and connections through sports activities such as hiking, running, cycling, and etc. One day, he was given the opportunity to hold and organize a sports event by the authorities of Cyberjaya. The company then proceeded to organize their second event, the TwinCity Marathon at the end of 2014. The company focuses on event organizing thereafter, he emphasizes.

How did the catchy 10 senses name come upon? On the road to success, you will encounter difficulties along the way. Just like what happened to Bukhari when he was starting this venture. He recalls that he was given the chance to organize his first sports event by the authorities of Cyberjaya before 10 senses was established. Without a proper company, the soft spoken Bukhari could not organize the event. Thus, he decided to collaborate with his friend’s company to manage that event.

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