Resistive Band


Fitness Anywhere brings you yet another amazing product that is so small that you might forget where you kept it yet has enough strength to give you an overall body workout for toning or rehab with just an elastic band.

If you are a frequent traveller or anyone with a busy schedule or hey, while you are sitting in the office, you can have a quick simple workout with this amazing band.

Whether you are intimidated with the big dumbbells or just don’t like the sight of it, this tiny band can do wonders for just about any workouts from upper body to lower body too.

As shown in the pictures, the tricep extension can be done even while seated in the office chair. The “push up” can also be done while standing, simple bicep curl for the arms and a squat with extra weights coming from the band. These are just a few samples but this resistive band can do just about any workouts.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to get stronger or just an average fitness guy looking to get fitter and lose weight, this is a must equipment to have.

When it comes to rehab or post injuries, strength training will get you back in action sooner than you think but even the smallest dumbbells are a little heavy for rehab and this is where a resistive band comes to the rescue.

For a better run, faster performance, Fitness Anywhere brings you the ever so convenient, small, super light weight yet powerful resistive band!

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