First Aid Checklist for Runners


The great big outdoors is a whole new ball game. Be it for the novice or the ace runner, Mother Nature has tricks up her sleeve to shock and surprise you, and you just might want to be ready for anything. 

Here are a few first aid must-haves:

Petroleum Jelly

Choose Vaseline that is readily available everywhere and is very useful for runners. Long distance runners would benefit more as it prevents skin chafing. A dab of this miracle worker in the sore spots prevents marking and pain.


Instant Ice Pack

If you ever face an injury after a run, the best way to prevent swelling is to ice it. Some are disposable; some reusable. The disposable ones are great to take for runs. They can be applied directly to the skin without freeze burns, and it will stay cold up to 40 minutes at room temperature. You can also use ice packs for strain and sprain, or even to just cool you down on a hot day.

Blister Plasters

Ah, the number one enemy for everyone — blisters! You get them mostly when you’re getting used to your trainers and to running. Find plasters that are waterproof and allow you to retain your movement when you’re running. Keep ‘em in your kit, keep ‘em all!

Heat Rub

You’re standing at the race line, and a distinct aroma expands your nostrils… that’s the heat rub! If you’re feeling physically sore and in dire need to relieve muscle aches and pains, this tropical treatment is your best friend. You can find heat rubs in both spray and cream forms. The moment you feel the ache, spread it!

Injury Support

When you have injured your knee, a good support is imperative as it will protect and warm any strain and sprain, aiding it until recovery and supporting the knee from further injury. Find a support that offers compression, support and warming relief and does not restrict your movement.

Safety Pins

Now you know how useful these are. You will find this handy in races, when you want to attach your race bib. You can also use them to secure bandages when you’re treating an injury.



Pills like Ibuprofen help in deflating swollen areas, while Paracetamol aids in aches and pains, as well as battles cold and flu symptoms, keeping them at bay.



If you’re on a trail or any wooded areas, then you may need to take into consideration allergies caused by pollen, trees, grass or even heat. If you know you are affected by these, then you know what to do—pop an antihistamine pill before you head out.


Insect Repellent

This may be your holy grail, especially during trails since all sorts of bugs want a piece of you. You know the trick: spray some before you run some.


First Aid Kit

And of course, the first aid kit itself. Always keep one at home and a portable one for your runs. A basic kit comes with plasters, dressing, wipes, foil blanket, microporous tape, bandages and disposable gloves.


These first aid essentials will surely prepare you for the inevitable. Safety First, Safety Always!

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