The Race Ready Kit Bag


For A Panic-free Race Day!

Nothing is more disastrous for a runner than to need something urgently but not have it with you—and there’s nowhere nearby to get it from!

Pack these items the night before the race, so you don’t have to rummage around on the morning of the race:

Warm Clothes

Stay warm before your run and change when you’re done with your run, as you will be drenched in sweat and feeling cold. Ah, such discomfort in soggy clothes!


You won’t know what’s provided on race day so bring your own bottle of water or energy booster for pre/post-race pick-me-up. You would want to stay hydrated before and after the race.


The weather is never predictable and we know that a wet and cold drive home is no fun, when you feel all clammy and soaked up in your own sweat.


It’s tough to run with those irksome blisters rubbing against your sock liner. Have some plasters handy to prevent them from worsening and to avoid unwanted pains.

Petroleum Jelly / Vaseline

Trust us, ladies and gentlemen, you will definitely want this with you at all times. What is equally bad as blisters is a chafed skin. Protect yourself by applying before the start of your run, and whenever necessary.


Have your own racing MRE by bringing along bananas or a cereal bar for extra energy. Yes, some race goodie-bags may contain food, but it’s always best to be prepared in advance.

Top Tips

Get a Helping Hand
Rather than placing your bag that contains your personal belongings and important stuff like keys at a bag drop, as you usually would when participating in a race, ask any of your friends or family nicely to help you hold on to your bag for security and the ease of finding it after the race.

Prepare Your Kit Earlier
To prevent the unnecessary stress in the morning of what to pack for your race, why not do it the night before and have ample time to focus on your race in the morning. You have enough to worry about without hunting for stuff last minute. While you’re at it, best to get your apparels and footwear sorted out beforehand, too!