Diet By Eating Right!


Keep your tummy satisfied without putting on the pounds.

Look at us today—working out too hard and eating less food just to stay in shape. The food you eat just doesn’t seem to burn off with the amount of exercise you put in, and the word “DIET” really just turns your smile upside down. Cheer up, and try out this all-day food menu that will give you the extra mile, not the extra pounds.


Scrambled eggs on Scrambled eggs on toast

Chow down your wholemeal bread with scrambled egg whites. Throw in some smoked salmon for that extra hit of carbs and protein. Remember, NO yolk.


Pour skimmed milk to your low-fat energy-boosting cereals, like porridge, muesli, and granola. Sweeten your taste buds with berries on top and have yourself a fruitful day.

Cereal bars

Stock up your week with your own personalized homemade cereal bars or banana bread. Just watch your sugar consumption and use wholemeal flour.


Tuna Nicoise salad

Your low-calorie salad made with a half-tin of tuna, a hard-boiled egg, green beans, and salad leaves with anchovies or olives. Coat with balsamic vinegar or any low-calorie dressing (if necessary).

Spanish omelette

Carb up with potato, egg whites for protein, and add your choice of salad mixes in your fridge such as cherry tomatoes, ham or beans. Best enjoyed cold, made overnight.

Homemade leek & Homemade leek &  potato soup

Cook yourself a delightful soupy mix of leek, potato, and skimmed milk that can be frozen, heated up and kept in a flask to be served at lunchtime.
Tip: Add pieces of wholemeal bread to make it more filling.


Pasta and chicken

Have yourself a delicious steamed or grilled chicken with your buckwheat or wholewheat pasta. Make the healthiest flavor choice by using tomato sauce.

Roasted salmon

For a quick healthy roasted dinner, wrap a piece of salmon in tinfoil and put it in a pot/tin with pieces of chopped new potatoes, vegetables, a tinge of olive oil, and cook it in the oven for 30 minutes.

Sweet potato jackets

It’s tasty, filling, quick, and easy to prepare. Boost the flavors by serving it along with vegetables, salad or meat. Other options of fillings would be low-fat cottage cheese or low-fat sour cream.


Yogurt and fruit

Easy to prepare and tasty to the belly. Grab low-fat plain or flavored yogurt and mix them with fruits. Toss in some flaked almonds or your home-made granola, with a little honey for a greater sensation to your sweet tooth.

Dark chocolate

Gaining some calcium hasn’t tasted this good. Small quantities of dark chocolate squares after your meal will do the trick. It’s rich, so you eat less than regular milk chocolate.

Baked cinnamon apples

Bake some slices of apple in the oven with some cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder. Sprinkle a pinch of grated dark chocolate if you want a little more sweetness. Enjoyed both hot and cold.