Province Wellesley Run 2018


22nd July, Penang – The second edition of Province Wellesley Run was back on track after the cancellation due to bad weather condition in 2017. Organized by MY CO2 and Safetyware, the event was endorsed by Penang State Government and proceeds were channeled towards enriching communities in Seberang Prai.

This year, PWR was flagged off at Padang Pemuda Merdeka Butterworth featuring two different categories, 5km fun run and 12km competitive run. The main objective was to promote Butterworth as up and coming avenue for sporting events in mainland Penang.

This project also provided an opportunity to connect with the various community which in turn helped to promote the unity of multiracial Malaysia. At the same time, it built awareness on a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Men Open 12km

  1. Sarabanan A/L Singgavellosary (46.10)
  2.  Lye Yong Sheng (50.20)
  3. M.Nazri B. Manab (50.45)

Men Junior Veteran 12km

  1. Sasikumak (46.13)
  2. Wong Jin Ji (49.30)
  3. M.Fandi B.ABD Rahman (50.37)

Men Senior Veteran 12km

  1. Ng Hoe Looi (52.03)
  2. Lim Chin Leong (55.21)
  3. Lee Hui Seng (56.31)

Women Open 12km

  1. Koo Jae Jiun (57.33)
  2. Lim Wei Hyee (58.18)
  3. Tan Zhy Jing (1.00:33)

Women Junior Veteran 12km

  1. Carie Yeoh Lee Kun (1.03:47)
  2. Loo Bee Chin (1.04:00)
  3. Foo San Sang (1.04:15)

Women Senior Veteran 12km

  1. Chae Ng Lay Khim (56.01)
  2. Stephanie Chong (1.03:23)
  3. Choong Meow Lin (1.04:40)


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