I&P Member of Setia To Organise Fun Run in Alam Impian Township


Theme 5Ks and Fun Runs are gaining popularity. Five kilometers, or 3.1 miles, is a distance that almost any healthy and ordinary person can complete without too much hard-hitting training. For the amateur and beginner runners, it is just nice to kickstart your running regime.

I N P Group, Member of Setia has organized running events in Alam Impian Township, with a good reason, as a way to motivate citizens to be healthier and work towards a fitness goal. In conjunction with Alam Impian Colorful Fun Run 2018, we spoke to Ms Yuslina Mohd Yunus, Executive Vice President of I N P Business Unit, Member of Setia about the establishment of runs.

1. Tell us what the concept of Alam Impian Township is all about.

Alam Impian, as you have known, is different from any other township. We position ourselves as a township of the art. The new tagline for Alam Impian is ‘where nature embraces art’ Alam Impian has been well known for its art-related themes which you can see around you. Nature, on the other hand, offers you a one of its kind jungle in the city. Our park boast of 45 different forest tree species surrounding the 31-acre public park.

2. How was the idea of organizing running events in Alam Impian originated?

We held the first event in 2016 and the response was overwhelming. We initially targetted about 1,000 participants. However, we received about 1,500 registrants. It was a success. So, we decided that we will organize it every two years to keep it exciting for the runners and the local community in ensuring healthy living in line with the Group’s Live Learn Work Play philosophy in all our developments.

3. What are the objectives of Alam Impian Colourful Fun Run?

Alam Impian Colourfun Fun Run appeals to hardcore runners and casual runners. For the hardcore runners, we have prizes to give away, whereas, for the non-hardcore runners, it will be a good time for them to spend with their family members and friends.

However, it is still a hidden gem to some, its 31-acre central park full of lush trees would be a great place for a family to make it their home and the park offers family related activities which is close to the city. Organising the run is one way we are able to share this with the public to come and experience the township themselves and who knows they might want to make it their home one day.

4. What are the differences between Alam Impian Fun Run 2016 and Alam Impian Colourful Fun Run 2018?

We will be having for family activities for Alam Impian Colourful Fun Run 2018 to appeal to not only the professional runners, but also the leisure runners. We are in the midst of upgrading the landscape of the township so we hope to be able to share its new look with the public and surrounding community. Moreover, we are now under the Setia group so they can expect more exciting things to come for the township as a whole.

5. Is there any new element participants can expect in Alam Impian Colourful Fun Run 2018?

We have prepared exciting activities for the runners as well as their family members and friends. There will be food trucks, coloring contest, face painting, Zumba, and more. Particularly, the trees are groomed, and better now.

6. Who are your target participants?

Malaysians aged 18 and above are all welcome. As per the last run, we also had families with young children in tow taking part in the run and not just serious runners.

7. Do you have any exciting plans on sports events in the future that you want the readers to know about?

We hope to improve the lake condition in the future. Once the lake area is done, we hope to organize more events here for the community.

8. Are you planning on organizing more running events (or other sports activities) in other I&P townships?

We hope so, but it’s subjected to the matter of space. However, what you see here is not what you will see in the future. We sure look forward to organizing more sports activities here.

Alam Impian Colourful Fun Run 2018 will be held on

  • Date: 25th November 2018
  • Time: 7am to 12pm
  • Venue: Alam Impian, Shah Alam