Are You Ready For The Music Run 2018?


Bringing the beat back to where it all began, The Music Run by AIA Vitality will be returning to Kuala Lumpur for the 5th successive year in this October.

The Music Run is the only international 5km and 10km running series pumping the ultimate running playlist every step of the way. Whether you’re a first-timer or casual runner looking to set your own pace, a fitness or competitive runner looking to nail your personal best, the ‘Sound Track’ run course will get your heart rate pumping across 5km or 10km.

Like any other music festivals, they can last all night long. Therefore, when you are in a preparation for The Music Run, it is always important to make sure to put some thoughts into it. Just before the actual day, we have assembled some of the tips. In the meantime, we truly hope you will have one of the most extraordinary experiences of your life.


The Music Run is typically held in huge outdoor venues; in this case, The Music Run by AIA Vitality 2018 will be held at KL Sports City, Bukit Jalil. Hence, transportation needs to be included for in your consideration.

If you are attending the event with a group of friends, you may need a carpool to avoid dealing with the hassle of parking. In order to prevent that from happening, you can opt for public transports such as a bus, LRT train, Grab (ride-hailing service), or taxi.

Bear in mind that the traffic, sometimes, would get a little bit out of control, so plan your schedule properly!

Check in early

It is important to arrive at the venue earlier than the start time as you would not want to be a clueless participant when getting there late. When the gates open, you are welcome to hang around, mingle with your family, friends, and other participants at the event, if not cheer for the runners at the flag-off.

Race schedule

  • 3:30pm: Gates Open
  • 4:30pm: 10k Elite Starts
  • 5:05pm: 5k Timed Starts
  • 5:10pm: 10k General Starts
  • 6:00pm: 5k Fun Run Starts
  • 7:30pm: Finish Line Party Starts
  • 9:30pm: Event Ends

Be active and comfortable

If you haven’t already known, there will be a rave party after your race. The best way is to dress up comfortably, for instance, running apparels are the most ideal outfits even for the party.

Rain or shine, the weather can get bad so you have to be prepared to brave the elements. It is advisable to check the weather broadcast beforehand and prepare a rain jacket (if it is a rainy season) to the event. In spite of all unexpected situations, you should not forget to keep the good vibes upon crossing the finish and collecting your finisher medal.

Celebrate your completion, choose to party in your active wears at the Main Stage or chill out and soak up the festival atmosphere. This epic running event has it all and lets ‘you do you’.

Prepare your body

Some people train to run, but for some of you who don’t run regularly, the days and weeks prior to the event are unequivocally crucial in getting your body prepared for all the fun and exertion.

The Music Run is not a competitive event, therefore, you can choose to do some light workouts such as stretching, side lunges, planks, and more. Before, during, and after the event, make sure to remind yourself to stay hydrated to ensure that your energy levels stay up.

During the post-run party, consuming at least 16 ounces per hour is a good idea! Last but not least, make sure to bring some snacks to the event (don’t worry though, there will be food trucks) in case you get a growling tummy.

Remember the essentials

Finally, don’t forget the essentials: some cash, identification, and your phone. It is ideal to bring an action camera, or a selfie stick for your phone to capture the best moments with your friends and new friends.

For an all night long event like The Music Run, it can be useful to have a fully charged or an additional portable charger/power bank for you to share your favorite photos and stay in touch.

It is optional to bring an additional set of clothing or light jacket. Most importantly, have fun!

Now, you are good to go!

Have a memorable and wonderful one at The Music Run by AIA Vitality 2018!

  • Date: 20th October 2018
  • Venue: KL Sports City, Bukit Jalil

See you there!