What Makes Puma Hybrid Rocker Runner Stand Out From The Crowd


First things first, what makes Puma Hybrid Rocket Runner stand out from the crowd is, undoubtedly, its unique bead design on the outsole. Little did we know that the bead design is called NRGY beads which provide an added cushion while running.

Constructed with two styles of energy-returning foam, Puma’s prominent Ignite which was introduced in 2015 and the brand-new NRGY beads. These little beads sit freely underfoot and with every stride, they give you a super fit every time.

Puma has always developed new style and technology for runners. To enhance performance in running, Puma has made Hybrid Rocker Runner a shoe that not only looks strikingly good in bright colors, but also offers a feeling of style and speed.

The Captivating Facts of Puma Hybrid Rocket Runner


Midsole – Without a doubt, we were easily mesmerized by the aesthetics of this shoe. The term “hybrid” is named after the combination of two cushioning systems – Ignite foam and NRGY beads.

The NRGY beads are very similar to the BOOST system found in Adidas shoes. The NRGY beads provide strong cushioning while the Ignite foam is designed to maximize energy return.

Outsole – The outsole of Hybrid Rocket Runner is a little bit sleek and unique as it is separated into three distinct points of contact in a footstrike – the heel, midfoot, and forefoot. These three sections are clearly segmented by two deep grooves. Made up of durable translucent rubber,  it gives the necessary flexibility for a more comfortable and durable ride.

Upper – The sock-like, one-piece knitted upper is made of EVOknit. The shoe includes plastic railings to keep your foot from sliding all over the place. The lacing system is also different from a typical lacing system. It keeps the laces in place, in order to avoid chafing and irritation to the top of your foot. Additionally, the back of the shoe features a supportive TPU heel cage for added support and protection for your ankle.

Weight – While the best running shoe has the lightest weight, the Hybrid Rocket Runner, however, is not one of the most lightweight shoes. This shoe feels heavy at times due to its durable rubber outsole, midfoot cage, thicker mesh, and the two-integrated foam midsole. Nonetheless, it still supports and propels you forward.

Editor’s note – After testing out the Hybrid Rocket Runner, this may not be ideal and exemplary for experienced and distance runners, however, it could be a shoe for the beginner or recreational runners to get your running journey going.