Why Is So Unique About ASICS MetaRide


When a running shoe costs a bomb, it needs to be reasonably fascinating. While many people strive for long distance running, hence a good pair of running shoes come into play.

To make long-distance training easier and more comfortable, ASICS aims to change the running game with the MetaRide. This innovative shoe is built to take your long distance training into the future.

Designed for max training efficiency, the first thing you will notice and be mesmerized is its standout looks. Instantly, I was enthralled by its all-new optimal sole curvature. Running with MetaRide allows your foot quickly spring forward with every toe off.

The MetaRide has a flat platform, albeit the curvature, and the foot sits level between the heel and forefoot.

Making long runs easier

Distinctive looking, the flaming red curvature of MetaRide is made of a proprietary new compound called ‘Grip’, which creates fluid transitions from heel-to-toe helping you preserve energy step by step, mile after mile. Regardless of the look, in fact, the grip works well in both the wet and dry when you hit the road.

There is also a large cutout in the midfoot with the combo of a responsive FlyteFoam sole, 3D Guidance Line, and visible GEL technology to work in synergy to provide perpetual cushioning, supporting you during long distance running. The lightweight and bouncy Flytefoam is particularly comfortable, flexible, and fit that keeps your heel in position.

The GEL cushioning is packed between two layers of foam in the heel, maximizing shock absorption without interrupting the natural flow of the foot from heel to toe.

Creating less fatigue

The Guidesole is designed to rock your foot through quicker from heel to toe with each step, thus cutting out on the wasted energy of your foot very briefly wobbling unstably from side to side around the ankle joint when it hits the ground.

At the same time, it also helps balance a stride and minimizes energy loss when your feet sink into the ground on impact.

The Circular Knitted upper is what I loved about MetaRide as well. It is soft, breathable and runs true to size. It’s reassuringly thick yet highly breathable, the fit is snug with plenty of support in the midfoot but adequate room for toe-splay in the forefoot.


I have worn the MetaRide for several runs, but mostly easy and long slow runs. When I initially wore it, I did not very much enjoy walking in it because of its curved sole. The feeling did not feel smooth and unnatural.

However, after several times of running, I began to find pleasure in running in MetaRide. Eventually, most of my easy and long runs felt more cushioned, springy, and generally enjoyable. Unfortunately, it was not a good idea for using it to the gym. It is simply not designed for strength training.

If you are contemplating whether or not to make an investment in ASICS MetaRide, think about the hard-hitting marathon training. When you are in the height of your marathon training and are willing to shell out RM999, you should give this shoe a try!

These game-changing shoes will help you complete long runs with less effort, and take you to the finish line.