What Race Suits You Best?


The merciless monotony of the pavement may just get on your nerves, and the way to bust the repetitiveness of this routine is to sign up for races that will spice up your run.

By knowing the types of races that exist, you can tailor your running routine to your ultimate satisfaction by squeezing in a fun weekend race for thrill and variety. This will not only give you the opportunity to try new things, but it will also take your running up against unexpected challenges such as tricky elevations and rocky roads that are sure worth your running time.

We give you some of the best multi-activity running events that you can dive into. By knowing the differences, you can pick your race and ease it into your training. Not only are these races heaps of fun but, of course, these also keep you healthy fit.

Trail Running

A great alternative to road running, trail running not only gets your trail shoes dirty, but also gives you loads of good fun. Although the distances match up to standard road races, the difficulties vary greatly.

For beginners, you are guided by well-marked paths and are given a set route to follow. You’re most likely to find yourself in forest paths or country parks where the surface is even with minimal elevations and less rocky paths. But when it comes to trail and cross-country running, you would need to master technical downhills, self-navigate between points, and work through incredible climbs.

This is where it gets really dirty – brace yourself to go through various challenging obstacles such as water crossings and plenty of mud – and we mean plenty! This kind of race is best done with a friend or a team, for who else will be encouraging you when you have dirt and mud up to your armpits?

Duathlon and Triathlon

You might have heard about this many times, as it is one of the common types of multi-activity events that involve either run-cycle-run (duathlon) or swim-cycle-run (triathlon). Talk about an all-round fitness! But this also means training for all three disciplines. A pro tip would be to find a race with your strongest event placed last, so that you can breeze through the finish line like a champion!

Obstacle Course Races

This race has a myriad of disciplines packaged in one. However, it differs according to each race. You would definitely be required to cycle and run, but you could also be asked to lift, climb, crawl, or orienteer as well. You’re bound to be surprised by the organizers, especially at the amateur level where they throw in obstacle courses. These races are usually done in teams of three, and you must work together to finish stronger together!

Fancy Dress Races

This is where you let your imagination run wild. Just like a typical road race, all you got to do is pick your favorite superhero or villain, and race against time. These races are gaining popularity these days, especially when it comes to charity running events. It’s a great workout, and while you’re at it, you’re up for a good cause!

Urban Running

These races are new additions created to make the most out of the cities we live in. It can vary from 5km to 10km with plenty of interesting obstacles. You will find yourself scrambling, wading, climbing and much more. Tower running on another scale, is particularly for the crazy runner, as it involves running upstairs – flights and flights of stairs! Ever thought of running up the KL Tower by stairs? As much as it is fun, it is not for the faint-hearted.

Work As a Team

These are races where you would be dragging your family and friends along. Who else could give you a helping hand while you’re running through adventure obstacles? Also, it is one of the best team-building races to join in with your workmates.

Now that you know the many faces of races, what are you waiting for? Put on your favorite pair of shoes and start running!