Do Not Forget Your Trail Running Essentials


For runners who have hit the trail running, there’s often no looking back.

From running the same tarmac roads to venturing out to the bush trails and magnificent mountains, the beauty of trail running has offered runners a next-level experience. The transition from road running to trail running is simple, all you need are these 10 essentials.

Trail running usually requires a bit more preparation than road running. For those of you who are ditching the concrete pavement in favour of rough and rocky terrains, we have put together the essential guide on what to pack for trail running.

For beginners, it is good to kick start your trail adventure with shorter distances or durations. This guide will help you if you are new to trail running and are clueless about the preparation.

Trail Running Shoes

To start trail running, your choice of shoes is extremely important. Trail running requires trail running shoes because it needs to be durable and rugged enough to tackle uneven and rock-strewn terrains. It also has to be lightweight enough to allow for more speed and comfort.

Brooks Cascadia 12 is flexible and stable, allowing you to feel more agile on the trail without sacrificing the cushioning and protection. The outsole provides great traction on wet surfaces and tricky terrains, protecting you against potential surface hazards. The mesh upper also manages moisture to keep your feet cool and dry.


Merino wool or synthetic running socks are key. They are made to stay snugly on your feet, regardless of the intensity of your run. Injinji Run toe-socks are designed to eliminate skin on skin friction, preventing blisters.


The five-toe sleeve design and superior fiber construction keep feet dry and protected while running on any surface, at any distance. Injinji running socks will go the distance by keeping your feet protected in any shoe. The no-show length rests below the ankle and features a heel tab to protect against chafing and keep the sock from sliding into the shoe.

Hydration Pack

Apart from trail running shoes, choosing a suitable vest is very important. It should hold all your trail essentials, allowing you to access your gears without having to stop running. If you are ready to begin your trail running, the Signature Series Mountain Vest is equipped to carry the gears that will enable successful summit bids.

Whether it’s hiking pole holders that snap out of the way when not in use or lat pockets that will store requisite emergency items, every detail has been thoughtfully covered in one of the lightest vests for the volume available. The Comfort Cinch technology provides a custom fit with easy on-the-go adjustment.


Proper nutrition is essential, especially when you are on a long run. Food, bars, or gels are light enough to carry and packed in your hydration vest to keep your energy levels high.

Clif Bars is packed with nutrition for sustained energy. The bars are purposefully crafted to deliver the protein, fiber, and carbs to sustain active bodies.  Every bar is made with wholesome non-GMO ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, organic rolled oats, and real chocolate. It is definitely the perfect energy snack to fuel up with, before, or during trail running.


Hydration is as important as nutrition. Drinking enough before, after an hour during and when you are done also helps a quick regeneration of your body. Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel meets all your complete calorie, hydration and electrolyte needs without upsetting your stomach or your taste buds!

It is formulated to take the away the stomach pain that can come from increased activity and dehydration. Just add this all-natural, clean tasting powder to water and it dissolves immediately, providing you with a preservative free and delicious way to get what you need to stay running stronger, longer. Plus, the easy to stow sticks make it even more convenient to simply toss the Endurance Fuel in a bottle or hydration pack, shake and go!


For long hours at night, a second, handheld light source can be nice to add dimension to the running surface and point at specific objects in the dark. For midweek dawn patrols, all-night approaches, or just big climbing objectives that push beyond daylight, the Black Diamond Spot325 has 325 lumens of power, now housed in a smaller, more efficient design.

With a new, compact body, the Spot325 has been redesigned with a lower profile for better balance and is more ergonomic for added comfort. Black Diamond also updated the user interface by adding a second switch for easy lens mode selection. In addition, the updated optical efficiency not only provides brighter light with more peak intensity, but also saves battery life that you can now easily track with a six-setting, three-LED battery meter.

Hiking Poles

Hiking poles certainly relieve the strain on knees and leg muscles, and they give you additional grip on the ground and you can avoid falling.

Featuring strong but lightweight carbon fiber construction and premium cork handles for a comfortable grip, the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles will make your trail run more managable.

The three-section poles adjust from 25-51″ with flick locks, and come with interchangeable rubber and carbide tips to suit the terrain. The cork handles feature EVA foam extensions for “choking up” on steep terrain. Last but not least, the padded wrist straps free up your hands for tasks without having to drop the poles.


Sunglasses are a must-have on bright days, helping to protect eyes from unseen branches. For night runs, a pair of clear glasses or photo-chromatic lenses that shift tint in the dark helps to ease your visibility.

Not only the Goodr Sunglasses are affordable, but also are polarized with UV400 protective lens which block UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, the Goodr eliminates slippage when sweating and bouncing while running due to its special grip coating and snug, yet featherweight frame.


Anti Chafing Cream

If you are wearing a tank top under a running pack, make sure it provides enough coverage so your pack won’t rub directly on your skin. However, it is always a good idea to apply glide liberally on your skin.

RunGuard is a non-petroleum anti-chafing stick, which is used to prevent chafing and abrasion during long runs, extended workouts or any activity in inclement weather where chafing is more likely to occur.


Sport Watch


Being able to track your route and check back in case you get lost is really helpful when you are out in the middle of the woods. The COROS Apex Premium Multisport GPS Watch provides track navigation, which allows you to import track routes into your watch.

If you are heading out for a long run, the UltraMax setting will allow for the battery to run up to 100 hours for APEX 46mm and 80 hours for APEX 42mm using GPS, while normal GPS mode will yield up to 35 hours and 25 hours, and regular usage up to 30 days and 24 days correspondingly.