How UA RUSH Improves Athletic Performance


The clothing you wear is going to make a difference in running.

The advances in clothing design and fabric technology not only help you perform at your peak, but also make your look good enough to wear to your post-run brunch.

Nowadays, running clothes do not only serve you for your running, but also build up your self confidence. What about a fabric that recycles the body’s heat and turns it into a benefit during running?


The fabric version of an infrared sauna

For the past two months, we have been testing the UA RUSH by Under Armour during training. UA RUSH is a sweat-wicking and responsive fabric, designed to enhance performance.

When you start to work out a sweat, UA RUSH, embedded with infrared technology, absorbs the heat, recycles the body’s energy, transfers energy back to the tissues and muscles, and improves oxygen flow and circulation, giving athletes that extra edge and promoting energy return and recovery.

When your muscles work harder, you get better.



Most of the time, we want our running clothes to look good, and also improve our active performance.

After having trained in UA RUSH run track tank, leggings, and sports bra for two months, they hit all the right aesthetic notes out of the box. They have been my perfect clothes for training, and also errand running.

UA RUSH fabric is infused with minerals, so it doesn’t feel scratchy or sticky, and it has definitely made me train longer and harder. The run track tank feels particularly silky and smooth. The fit is also surprisingly well-done. The leggings have a compression fit and the mesh allow for added breathability.

Very often I wore the run track tank and leggings to the gym, morning jog, and also during my most recent half marathon. And to my delight, they left me with no chafing. When the distance increased, there wasn’t a single seam rubbing the wrong way. For me, completing any distance running or long-hour training without pain or discomfort is a huge win.

UA RUSH has done a good job.