Let the Girls Breathe with the Nike Ultrabreathe Sports Bra


The sports bra has a much harder job than the everyday bra.

With the goal to offer the support, comfort, and confidence women need in order to absolutely crush a workout, this piece of apparel, which often goes unseen, should be synonymous with the descriptors “functional” and “reliable”.

Ladies, lucky you! Nike introduces its two latest problem solving bra innovations – The Nike Swoosh One Piece Pad Sports Bra and The Nike Ultrabreathe Sports Bra.


Solving the Pad Problem with the Nike Swoosh One Piece Pad

The new Nike Swoosh One Piece Pad solves the uneven, misshapen and misplaced pad problem with a top-loading, singular bra pad. Crafted to seamlessly insert and remove as desired, the new iteration of the Nike Swoosh Bra additionally employs slightly thicker padding for more modesty and an enhanced shape.


Let the girls breathe with the Nike Ultrabreathe Sports Bra

The Nike Ultrabreathe Sports Bra is Nike’s lightest, most moisture repelling bra to date and is engineered for lightweight support. Areas of the bra that are exposed, or cut out, signify areas that need ample breathability while the areas that aren’t exposed tend to need more support when in motion and are supported with new engineered mesh for air permeability.


The Nike sports bras are available now on nike.com.