Nike React Infinity Run, To Infinity And Beyond


For a regular runner, we definitely need a pair of running shoes with generous amount of cushioning. And the Nike React Infinity Run has been a nice and easy day shoe for our running odysseys.

After having worn the shoe for more than two months now, we have to agree with its maximal cushioning that is capable of handling running miles and reducing potential injuries.

These 10 things are why the running shoe is ideal for neutral runners.

1. Nike React Infinity Run was created with the bold goal of reducing these overuse injuries.

2. The shoe has 24% more React Foam Cushioning, which is more lightweight, responsive, and gives greater energy return.

3. Nike upped the React in the Infinity Run midsole, which makes us feel more supported underfoot.

4. The shoe has an extra-long heel counter and a wider forefoot, which aids in stability and more coverage when landing.

5. The Flyknit upper feels more roomy, breathable, and comfortable. The sock-like fit also accommodates a lot more foot types.

6. The one-piece construction means the shoe doesn’t have a tongue, and there are only four eyelets per side, so you won’t be able to tie the laces too tightly, but the knit material hugs the foot well.

7. The rubber outsole plays a role in providing a good traction and stability on dry and wet lanes.

8. We felt the added React foam lends the feet more buoyancy and even helps to keep the arches of the feet more supported.

9. However, the Nike React Infinity Run may not be ideal for track and field or speeding races.

10. It can be an everyday running shoe for easy, slow, long-distance runs, with relaxed and steady pace.