New Online Marketing Packages

We are very excited to share our new online marketing packages with you starting from 1st July 2020! The two platforms of The Sportsman Management, Cycling Malaysia Magazine and Running Malaysia Magazine (CMRM) currently have more than 200K followers, which are very precise sports enthusiasts which will make it the best platform to promote your brand and products. We are absolutely capable of creating a broader and more accurate promotion for your brand and products!
Package A:
Facebook Posting: Buy 3 FREE 2 = 5 Credits | Total = RM3,000 Only
Package B:
Products e-Commerce (Include Product Introduction & Marketing)
Promo 1: RM2,000 (One-time Payment) = 10% Handling Fees
Promo 2: RM500 (One-time Payment) = 15% Handling Fees
Package C:
FB Live Stream / Branding or Product Interview: Buy 3 FREE 2 = 5 Credits | Total = RM3,000 Only
CMRM has a wider range of information and publicity effects, covering various industries such as enterprise, business, sports, health, and food.
Thank you for your continued support, and let’s make the local sports media shine and contribute to society and the country!
Please Contact us immediately at :
Max Soh : 012-296 9969
Christine : 012-359 0048
YG.LAI : 016-2020 911