How To Up Your Running Game?



“As a runner do you sometimes struggle to exceed your running goals and target?” Or “having the hesitation to push your mileage up because of the fear of potential pain or failure?”

We know running mind games are an important tool for all long time runners, it’s how runners push through long-distance runs and fight through speed workouts, and completing the up hills sprints set.

Along with it, whether you’re new to running or have been running for years, strength and speed exercises can help make your running journey more effective and enjoyable.

We are here to help give you some tips on exercises that you can do to up your running game!

How To Up Your Running Game?

Three types of strength training are recommended for runners. Any programs and exercises that involve bodyweight, functionality, and endurance are best suited for those whose primary goal is improving running performance.

1.Endurance Strength Training

Firstly, endurance strength training focuses on improving muscular endurance by lifting less weight and performing more repetitions.

2. Functional Training

As for functional training, it is mainly based on body weights which is important for runners. It includes doing exercises such as lunges or single-leg squats. These exercises improve balance, coordination, movement efficiency, and reduce the risk of injury.

How To Up Your Running Game?

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3.Plyometrics Strength Training

Lastly, plyometrics strength training can improve running efficiency and speed. Plyometrics are movements that involve jumping or any quick bursts of explosive movement such as squat jumps, lunge jumps, or box jumps.

Any runner should be as balanced and strong as possible in their core and hips when the actual running motion is stabilized and controlled. The more balanced the muscles in focused areas, the more neutral the runner will be.

How To Up Your Running Game?

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4. Cardio Session

Another exercise to consider is running stairs or up hills, it makes up for a high-charged cardio session. Running stairs is very similar to running hills, you aren’t able to run as fast as you can on flat ground, but you will be using your sprint muscles and mechanics. It is a full-body movement exercise, as you will use legs more, high engagement on the core, and drive with your arms.


5.Long-Running Session

Any runner should do to improve their running performance is a long-running session to help build up endurance and distance.  It is recommended that runners focus on adding no more than 10% of distance onto your previous long run each week. For example, if you run 5km on week 1, run 5.5km on week 2 to gradually improve stamina.

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6.Speed Sessions

Besides that, speed sessions will help runners build strength and power in the joints and muscles. Runners can try performing a 1:2 ratio sprint exercise. For example, 1-minute sprints, 2 minutes recovery walk or jog and repeat for 10 times.

7. Pre-Run Routine

Importantly, to prepare yourself before each run, be sure to perform dynamic stretches to warm up your body. Warming up before you run can help prevent or lower the risk of injury and improve running performance. Include exercises such as walking, strides, lunges, and leg swing into your pre-run routine.


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