The North Face Futurelight, One Shell On All Day


Can you believe it? Can you believe it?

You can put it on to go running, hiking, and mountain climbing without having to take it all.

The North Face unveiled Futurelight, a new, breathable, waterproof material set to revolutionise the future of technical fabrics.

Developed using innovative nanospinning technology and sustainable practices, it will offer first of its kind breathable, waterproof, and most advanced protection.

The North Face Futurelight was extensively tested with independent experts, safety science company, and world-class athletes, to push the limit of the new fabric in the worst and harshest environment.


To introduce its new material, The North Face organised a press launch in Shangri-La City in Yunnan, gathering the athletes, celebrities, members of the media, and outdoor enthusiasts to try out Futurelight.

“You need to experience to remember,” said Scott Mellin, the Global General Manager of Performance Sports for The North Face.

With the popularity of trail running and outdoor activities in Malaysia, many of us often face with the dilemma of choosing the right apparels. An outdoor enthusiast is usually bound to gear up for all weather conditions. The weather conditions are often unpredictable in Malaysia.

“Why think about what you will be wearing? Why don’t you only focus on your objectives?” said Scott Mellin again at the press launch.


For the first time ever, The North Face has added air permeability to a waterproof membrane.

Unlike conventional membranes, the nano structure of the Futurelight membrane allows air to pass through for better venting and breathability without sacrificing waterproofness and durability.

This new nano-fiber structure has enabled The North Face to create its most lightweight, breathable membrane to date. An ultra-thin, nimble garment that feels comfortable and provides the protection needed against the elements in the harshest environments.


The North Face tapped into a unique production method called nanospinning which creates nano-sized fibers that allow improved air permeability while maintaining waterproofness.

This nanospinning process deposits a polyurethane solution from over 200,000 nozzles onto a surface where it’s collected in a randomized matrix to create the membrane. The solution is then used to create a breathable-waterproof film that is bonded to backer and face fabrics.

Creating a nano-sized fiber small enough to allow air to flow through a membrane while keeping water out has helped The North Face achieve air permeability levels unique to its Futurelight fabric.

One of the most unique aspects of the Futurelight technology is its tunability. The North Face’s designers can now adjust weight, stretch, breathability and even durability during the manufacturing process to meet the needs of any athlete’s end use.


Our team has summited the Haba Snow Mountain, a mountain rising above the northwest side of Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, China, at 5396 meters above sea level, dressed in the latest The North Face Futurelight.

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