Lean, Mean, Ixelling Machine


Quitting The Habit

For many readers and runners out there, you might wonder how one can go cold turkey on unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking, especially when it has become a part of our lifestyle. Take it from someone who has lived on that side of life and still be able to pull himself away from it while pulling off many great feats.

“You got to ask yourself how much control you have on these things. Obviously these are what we’re addicted to, that means we don’t have that control. So I got to a point to where I wanted to take control on my life. We have that power. We can’t control many things but we can control these motions of what we put into our mouths and what we do. At that point, you’ll realize how much power you have over yourself.”

Since throwing these habits to the curb, Vlad has lost an impressive load of weight, getting the best 9 hours of sleep, and improved cardio abilities. “All these combinations just make me happy. Now I can get a lot more out of life. Before, I was stuck in this circle of my habits that controls my way of life”he says.

Nutrition Of The Champ

t’s important to exercise. That is agreed. However, it is also important to know what we put into our mouth and what benefits we can get from it. As a vegan athlete, Vlad tells of why a vegan diet works best for him.

“If I come after a run and I have a steak, it requires a lot of energy from my body to digest that piece of meat. So those energies are being used to digest that piece of meat instead of helping my muscles recover. If I come home and have bananas instead, I spend a lot less energy to digest and that excess energy can be used to repair my muscles. I can recover quicker and get back out for another training session sooner.”

While most of you need your morning dose(s) of coffee before getting started with your day, try a tip that Vlad has been using in his own healthy lifestyle that is “When I wake up, I will drink water. I want to keep my body hydrated and I stay away from caffeine cause’ caffeine is like a drug.”That’s not the only nutrition-improving tip that was given. The practice applied by many runners is to carbo-load before your event cause’ you think you will need such atrocious amount of energy. “On a night before the race, you will be training less so you won’t need that much calories. Controlling your carbs intake makes a lot of difference for performance.”

“I would go with dates and bananas. It provides you with sufficient sugars and carbs. I’m not a big fan of protein and gels, so I stick with more of the natural stuff.”

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