Healthy Food Made Easy: Salad In a Jar


Kelvin Thong owner of “The Greenies” and his wife Phoenix only prove that creativity has no boundaries and just when you least expect it, business happens.


Creativity At Its Finest

The idea started when his wife got this menu of salad in a jar from her sister-in-law. She thought of doing it herself since she doesn’t know more when it comes to cooking, why not do it as an alternative right? So the first salad that she made was salad “nice-oise” and she let him taste it, that’s one of the salad in their menu today.

At first, it’s for their own consumption only, they didn’t thought to make a business out of it, not until they got stuck in a 2-hour traffic jam, starving with no food inside the car. This is the time when Kelvin started thinking how convenient it would be if he could have his wife’s Nicoise salad in a jar with him. Then they started exchanging ideas, like how they were going to start this business? How they should operate? What should be the step by step process? They want it to be very casual, green, and Beatles-like. Actually, that’s where their business name originated, “The Greenies”= “The Beatles” surely they’re one heck of a fan! All these questions and ideas bouncing while being hungry, bored and stuck in traffic was something that they should be thankful now. As their dreams are slowly turning into reality.

They tried to find a grab-and-go salad in a jar or see if someone was already selling it in the market.There’s no one in Malaysia and neighbouring countries doing the business. Seeing the opportunity, this Interior Designer, together with his cousin Cher Poh Kuang pitched this exceptional idea–on the same week he and his wife thought of it–to their investors that eventually led to a business venture that no one expected to happen.

One of the awesome part of it was how they can thoughtfully constructed a beautiful and freshly assembled salad in a jar. The jar is called the Mason jar. It’s a peanut butter size jar, just slightly bigger and bulky a bit. The glass jar is air tight and best for keeping food fresh. How do they lay the salad into the jar then?

The layering was very simple Kelvin explained.The dressing, sauce and ingredient that can soak inside the sauce for long hours always stay at the bottom of the jar. The one in the middle was what they called the “water barrier”.This part serves to stop the sauce from going up and the last (top) part was the dry area. That’s where all the leafy stuff and ingredients that can‘t be in contact with moisture for long hours are layed.

Grab on, shake it, pop it open and then you can eat it right away. It’s your cool and ready-to-eat salad on the go.

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