Lovers On Trail – Together to the Finish Line


In a world full of broken relationships, thought of not settling down anymore seems to appeal to more people. Sometimes if you have a lot of differences with your significant other, you tend to not want to fight for the relationship anymore. However, husband and wife/running couple Abdul Rahman Bin Abu Hassan and Tahira Najmunisaa Muhammad Zaid proved otherwise. As their love story transpires from barely knowing each other to knowing more and beyond. Running is what serves as their common ground and a strong foundation to attain a happy marriage. Just when you thought true love and happily ever after don’t exist. Watch them run and rethink those thoughts.


Growing up in a slightly secluded area surrounded by jungles, as a kid, Tahira was already exposed to outdoor activities and was a nature enthusiast. However at first she did not develop any interest in sports.Not until she got into a car accident when she was 16. She was in a state of coma in which she was declared almost 90% dead. This female trail runner suffered from head injuries, internal haemorrhage, had a broken leg, fractured arms and ear bone. She couldn’t close her eyes for a solid 7 months because she was in so much unbearable pain. Her physical therapy sessions, was how she found refuge through running. It eased her pain, got her tired easily and this made her fall asleep more quickly. Call it a blessing or a curse, but that one incident changed her life forever.

Meanwhile in the case Rahman, Tahira’s husband, it was a different story. Ever since he was in secondary school, he was already into sports such as hockey, softball, soccer, and sepaktakraw. His love for sports grew deeper when he joined Persatuan Sukan Lasak TLDM in 2006 and participated in triathlons, duathlons, eco-challenges, adventures races, mountain biking, trail running and other races. This competitive triathlete has been competing in this sports discipline for about 9 years now and still sees himself competing for at least a decade or more.

Coming from a different running background–Tahira is more of a trail runner and always wants to beat her personal best. On the other hand, Rahman is a triathlete and a competitive runner who wants to be the best among the rest. This running couple crossed paths way back in 2008 in a Perhentian Island Challenge. Two weeks after that they got engaged and now they are blessed with 3 kids. A living proof that “love is not about how many days, months or years you’ve been together but how much you love each other every single day”. Moving on to a new chapter in their lives didn’t stop them from doing what they both love, other than each other—running. And what’s even more admiring was that Rahman didn’t stop Tahira from continuing running and dreaming even after they got married. He would even run with her until they both reached the finish line.

“He doesn’t stop me from doing what I love because if you stop people from doing what they love it means you’re stopping them from being alive” Tahira said while looking at Rahman.

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